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Beginner user priorities

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Hello all,


I'm watching the Adwords beginner videos. I am a little overwhelmed because it seems like there are 20 different directions you can go in from the start. I feel a little lost.


What are some starter priorities you would recomend? 

The more specific the answer the better. I need exact directions.


About my business/campaign - I operate a brand new lawn/tree service. I want to advertise very specific things: lawn mowing and tree removals. 


Two things I know need to be done:

-My key words need to be turned off broad match

-My bid needs to place me at the top of the first page(I understand this will lead to less clicks for more money but I feel that where it has to be.


How do I do these things and are there any other recommendations you have?


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Re: Beginner user priorities

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Hi Joey,

Start small, and your learning will be less costly.

Start with tree removals. One ad group, search partners off.

Have just one keyword:
+tree +removals

Check the search terms report every day and add broad negatives for any keywords that are not relevant to your business.

Add exacts/phrases for search queries that get lots of impressions and are relevant.

Put a lot of effort into ad copy, make 3 very different ads, and see which performs best (in settings choose rotate evenly for 90 days).

Test price / not price in the ads. Test suburb/location, or not, in the ads.

Make sure you have enough budget for your ads to run 24/7. If that's too expensive, reduce the size of the geo-targeting.

But Most Important - have conversion tracking. If you can't install it, pay someone to - usually takes less than 30 minutes for a WordPress site. Knowing which keywords convert is paramount.

Re: Beginner user priorities

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Hi @Joey M,


Along with the excellent advise already provided by @RobSkelton, I would suggest reading this article here in the community, along with heading over to the learn section here in the community, too.  These will provide more food for thought, which should connect some dots on what you have discovered so far.


As you dig in and get some ad performance and site metrics (you do have AdWords connected to Analytics and Search Console), write down specific questions and let us know what they are so we can provide concise answers. These are some of the most important things of any advertiser and they give power to AdWords campaigns. Far too many do not pay any attention to the metrics, which is one of the worse beginner mistakes there are. Measure everything. 


Next, figure out what your website is doing for you. It also plays a vital part in your AdWords performance. 


1) Use the Google Developers Speed Test and work on fixing the issues so that your score is 89 or higher for both mobile & desktop.

2) Rerun the Google Speed Test but use this tool instead. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100.

3) Run your site through this SEO score checker.

4) Visit Google Analytics and setup your website.


Utilize the steps as they are outlined. Use #1 to bring your score up and get any optimized content to download & use, then run step #2. Complete everything and then go to #3 and see what your SEO looks like. Now go to step #4 and dig into what is actually happening with visitors and your website (back to Analytics and Search Console).


Kind Regards,



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Re: Beginner user priorities

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Joey - my advise would be to "stick your toes in the water & not jump in head first" - Start with promoting the service that you make your highest profit margins on and also make sure you have a good landing page dedicated to that service.

Re: Beginner user priorities

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First off thank you for your answer! Secondly I don't think I communicated well enough how little I know about adwords.(I have watched he beginner videos at least five times) So i'll start with one specific question that has had me baffled.

I set my budget at $20 a day There was one campaign with two ad groups one was "company name" one was "lawn care service". "company name" had two ads in it one was "lawn care service" one was "cut nashville" (my company name) with a budget of $2 a day "lawn care service" had one ad in it "lawn care service" with a budget of $18 a day. I didn't mess with any of this. What was the point of that?

Re: Beginner user priorities

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the cost you pay to google, for each advertisement, is per-click.

the budget tells google how much you are willing to
spend on a daily basis for each advertising campaign.

the bid is the maximum you are willing to pay per-click.

ad-targeting -- target your advertising -- for a specific product or service
that you offer, or to a specific set of people, or specific places/locations,
or at specific days/times, or to land on a specific web-page, etc.

ad-targeting helps determine how an account is organized and structured --

campaign: targeted advertising (theme);
... ad-group: groups of (related) keywords;
...... keywords: words that people search for and may trigger an ad;
......... ad-text: the actual ad that people see;


the ads you create become part of an advertising auction --
the ad-auctions determine which ads, if any, will show when
a person searches on google:


see also


Re: Beginner user priorities

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Hi Joey
Hope you are well!
You can create separate ad-groups for "law mowing" & "tress removals". Make sure your keywords are closely related to each other, this will not only help in increasing relevancy but also keyword quality score and therefore lower CPC. Higher the quality score, lower the CPC.

I recommend using broad match modifiers instead of broad keywords because in broad match, you'll need to monitor search term report every now and then and based on it you need to add negative keywords. For more details you can visit

You can start with " broad match modifier" you just have to use "+" operator, by doing so, you are confident that your keyword will be triggered only when the search term includes the same words as you have mentioned in your keywords

For example, your keyword is +lawn +mowing, your keyword will be appeared if someone searching for lawn mowing near me, lawn mowing services and so on. your keyword will not be triggered if someone is searching for lawn services, mowing services etc.
Here you've put a condition that your keyword will be triggered if both the words are included with in the search term i.e lawn & morning
For more details you can learn from here

As far as "top page bid is concerned" you can go for advanced bid strategy i.e. top of the page bid. But we don't recommend it using just after creating a new campaign. Instead, you can set your bid i.e first page position bid if you want to place your ad at first page and try to improve keyword quality score.
Higher quality score improves your ad rank.

your ad rank is calculated as
Bid Amount * quality score

Make sure you use radius targeting, if you are providing your services within 5-10Kms of radius.
Once you have data, start analysing and opt for Ad-scheduling
Keep an eye on search term report and include negative keywords (if any)
Last but not least, Auction Insight Report, You'll get to know how well you are performing among your competitors.