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Beginner- Need advise branding B2B company using Adwords

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I am a beginners that new to Ad Words. I work for a manufacturing company that primarily targets and sells B2B. We manufacture and distribute industrial Granulators and Shredders to primarily the plastics industry. Though, we do sell to other recyclers. The biggest challenge is that this industry to very specialized and requires industry knowledge when searching for shredders for example. 


We had another company handling the Ad words and the cost was too high with very little ROI. The problem there is that people searching paper shredders or other household shredders were finding our ad and clicking at $3-4 a word and running up a $500 bill a month.


I have full control over the account now, so I want to know the best way to avoid unnessary or unrelevent clicks and to market to B2B without getting consumer clicks for household shredders.


Main objective: To brand and market to online to build brand awareness that our company is now in the US, which it was not before. Challenge #2 our company has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years, but our name was not on the considering that we are new to the end user as a company.


Thanks a lot!



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Re: Beginner- Need advise branding B2B company using Adwords

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Hi Michelle,


Welcome to the community!


Here are some of my ideas, I'm sure there are people here with more B2B experience so it would be good to get their thoughts as well:

  • Focus on your keywords. As you say, you definitely want to avoid consumers clicking or even seeing your ads. It's probably interesting to narrow your keyword matching as much as possible (phrase match & exact match), make use of long-tail keywords (several words instead of just 1 word) and definitely use negative keywords where it makes sense.  How and what to change should come from the data that's already in your account, have a look at which search terms lead to coversions, and which search terms didn't. What search terms matched your keywords that you don't want to advertise on, etc.
  • Make your ad title and text as industrial looking as possible so that it's clear for consumers that you don't have what they're looking for. (it's of course better that consumers don't see your ad in the first place as this technique might lower your click-through rate, it should increase your ROI however)
  • Analyze the times of your past conversions. I'd expect that B2B conversions primarily take place during business hours, while consumers also search a lot outside of business hours. It might be a good idea to limit your campaigns to business hours.
  • If you have enough conversions, you might also have a look at the conversion optimizer

Hope this helps!