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Balancing Budgets and Keywords

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I am doing the advertising for a small church...


How can we get the best exposure with $20 a week (our budget right now)?  Or is this just enought to get results on google....should still to Facebook which gets a good exposure?





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Re: Balancing Budgets and Keywords

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Hi Diane, welcome to the Community.


Advertising on a small budget is always going to be tough.  The key problem is that when your budget is very small your Ads can only be shown very rarely which means there's a good chance they'll never be shown to people who may respond.  The more Keywords you have the bigger the problem becomes because each Keyword wants a piece of the pie.

There's a couple of things you could consider.  Firstly, rather than trying to spend $20 a week you could just advertise one day per week and allocate the whole $20 for that day.  Depending upon how much you actually spend you may be able to make it two days a week - you'll need to test.  Alternatively you could advertise every day but only for a limited number of hours.  Both these options can be set by using Ad Scheduling (link below).

However, if you get a good response from Facebook and believe the money would be better spent there, then that's a wise choice; it's really down to experimentation.


More about Ad Scheduling.



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Re: Balancing Budgets and Keywords

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Hi Diane G,

If you're just looking for exposure, consider the Display Network. Clicks are cheap and you get lots of impressions. Look at geo-targeting, also.

$20 a week is $3.00 a day. That's not much. But I do get a good number of impressions and clicks out of a $5 a day budget.

Best of Luck!

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