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B2B Contract Based Business

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Greetings Adwords Community,


I would love some insight into how Adwords can improve general exposure of the Audio-Visual department of our organization while confidently mesuring results and ROI.  Our organization provides sales, designs, installations and servicing for Audio-Visual and Broadcasting solutions in Canada.  With the focus on the Audio-Visual department, I would like some insight into how we can rationalize an Adwords campaign when we deal with large contract based projects provided specifically to other busiensses.  I would appreciate some personal experience from other B2B organizations that benefited from the use of Adwords. 


Thank you

Lukas Valentich

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Re: B2B Contract Based Business

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It depends... Determining the goal, and the value of that goal(s) is key. 


With analytics for example, determine the event/events on site that lead to a conversion/contract. It may not be as simple as filling out a single contact form, or completeing one event on site, but you want to narrow the conversion/contract funnel as much as possible.

What do you want users to do on site, and what are some of the steps most customers take before signing the contract?


How do you rationalize advertising? Well that depends as well. Who is making the decision as to the value, sometimes there's no amount of data that can alter opinion. If the person making the "is this working" decision has already determined that advertising is a waste of money, you can't win. Smiley Happy


Could you rationalize a limited set budget for a brand awreness campaign, even if it generated no direct ROI, just to gain the market research data? If that's an acceptable best/worst case scenario, then you could definitley rationalize and justify the limited costs. 



Re: B2B Contract Based Business

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Hi Lukas,


AdWords can't be recommended for every type of business. The typical comparative advantage comes when you wish to distribute your products/services etc to the masses. You will not find, however, Chevron Corp. marketing oil in bulk via Google ads.


I'd say B2B is sort of border line. Sometimes AdWords works out for you, while sometimes more advantage can be associated with e.g. LinkedIn ads or commercials in industry periodicals. Without knowing the specifics of your objectives I'd first off recommend you to build a suitable Media Plan, i.e. by means of the Placement Tool you're advised to specify a small number of specialized websites that your particular audience is likely to visit frequently and which can be individually targeted. Next select the Display Network under the Settings tab and finally define the websites handpicked for the Media Plan as your Managed Placements. Focus your attention on running ads on these select sites and chances are you can forget about the Search Network.


Attention: creating a Media Plan is an extremely time consuming task and requires in-depth research of the webisites in question.