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Avg Pos 1 but impression is low

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Hello, i got a bit confuseness about setting a campaign.

With keyword tools i look after broad phrase (yes its broad because the keyword is brand name), and i getting results about 2400 Local Monthly Searches. And then i create a campaign with enough budget.  But surprisingly the ads only get less than 200 impression eventhough the Avg Pos is 1.


my question:

1. Do you see something weird as i am ? or is it normal ?

2. Should i include the brand name in keyword for Broad, Phrase, and Exact ? if i include Broad only, will Phrase and Exact includes ?

3. my Avg CPC is 10% than Max CPC, i even already set automate rule to increase bid... should i increase manually

4. what do you suggest to get highest impression ?



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Re: Avg Pos 1 but impression is low

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Hi Viktor,


The keyword tool is only a guide and can be pretty far away from the real data. It also depends on seasonality and it can fluctuate regularly. 


It would be worth checking your impression share on these keywords. When viewing the adgroups tab, clicks on columns > customize columns and under competitive metrics you can add your impressions share columns in.


Have a look at the search impressions share stats. This will give you more of an idea if you are actually missing out.


You can read up on your impression share here

Re: Avg Pos 1 but impression is low

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Google Employee

The impression share report is a great idea! I'd also recommend checking out the Search Terms Report, which shows all the terms people typed into Google when they saw your ad and when they clicked. 


This will help show if your ads are running for relevant/irrelevant keywords, then you can create negative keyword or add in more regular keywords on the basis of this. 


Hope this helps!