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Average CTR by industry

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Can anyone provide a resource for high level average CTR by industry?


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Re: Average CTR by industry

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Hi Timothy,

That is a loaded question unfortunately and will not gain you any insights into the vertical you are looking at. If you want to know what a good CTR is I like the answer given by PPCHero.

"A good CTR is one that is consistently improving and being optimized."

An average CTR by vertical is too often skewed by various confounding and extransoue variables. you will not learn anyhting by this number.

Consider I tell you that a 2% CTR is good for car rental. Firstly by what standard am I judging good? Is it above average? So then the average CTR is 2%?

Ok so we seem to be getting somewhere? Not really, as the data does not take into consideration ad position or cost or any of the other relevant KPI's or influential factors.

If I am in position 1 than I should be getting a much higher CTR but will find myslef happy with 2.5%.

I will gladly take a lower CTR and higher conversion rate than the other way round.

That being said, if you are set on this idea, simply look for competitor analysis tools.

Hope this helps

Re: Average CTR by industry

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Average could be misleading if the standard deviation is not repeated.

So, I would be cautious to use "average per industry"

A better estimate for your campaign performance compared to your competitor, would be the  auction insight feature offered by Adwords

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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