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Automatic audiences

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Trying to set up a remarketing campaign.


Adwords has automatically created a set of audiences, such as: general viewers, product visitors, etc. 


I doubt that the system can discriminate such groups as product viewers, as I have not provided information about product pages.


How can I check the rules for these audiences, and even change them, i.e. exclude some pages, etc.? I cannot edit the rules for these automatic audiences. 


Any information or tutorial on this?



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September 2015

Re: Automatic audiences

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Hello Javier S ,


I couldn't find a way to edit them either so I just created new audiences with the rules that I wanted to. 

I think these are some default "helpers" for people who want to acomplish something without too much configuration. It is an intermediary solution between having no audience and having a perfectly configured audience based on your custom rules.


In here there are listed some strategies you can use : link