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Automatic Bid Strategy

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So I called google adwords earlier today and spoke with a specialist who advised me to change the bidding strategy to automatic to optimize my chances of getting on the google front page. This sounded like great advice and she talked me through the process of how to do it. In "Create New Bid Strategy" I set it to automatically raise and lower the bid to match the estimated top of page bid. Sounds great. I hit save, and the system gives me an error message reading "Failed To Create Bid Strategy".


I explained this to the specialist on the phone and she made sure I had done everything correct. She assured me that it's more than likely a temporary glitch in the system and just to try again in a little while. I have since tried again several times, but the problem persists and it is not allowing me to create the bid strategy that sounds like would be the best for me. How can I fix or go around this issue? What is causing it? Is it just a glitch? Any help would be great.

Re: Automatic Bid Strategy

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Hi MacManda,

I just tried creating the Bid Strategy and I was successful, with no errors. It might be a temporary bug as there is nothing major in setting up a bid that you could have missed or did wrong. Do try again.

If you want, you can check below link for complete details about Bid Strategies: