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Automated Rules

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Hi All-I want to know something about automated rules. i am handling app install campaigns and my daily optimization included inclusion and exclusion of apps. So basicall i include the apps where cpi( cost per install) is good and exlclude the app where cost per install is high. For e.g-if my target cpi is Rs.100 -i exclude those apps where cpi is more than 100 and include these exlcuded apps when their cpi gets good after updation i.e when their cpi becomes less than Rs.100. Now, I want to create an automated rule for these inclusion and exlcusion of apps . How do i ? is it possible ? if it is- could some guide me in  detail about the same. 




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Re: Automated Rules

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Hi Santhosh

You can create two different rules, one for each requirement. One for Pausing the placement by "Pause placement when" and second for enabling them by "Enable Placement when".

Please see to the snapshot for reference:



You can change the execution timing for this rules as per requirements.


Hope this helps!



Re: Automated Rules

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Hi Santhosh,


Although you could use Automated Rules to pause/enable based upon CPI, I'm not sure it would be the best approach. A lot would depend upon how many conversions you get per day and what sort of variation you see in your installs/costs.  The problem is that if you paused a Campaign at midday, for example, because the CPI exceeded Rs.100, there's no way of knowing whether a "rush" of installs in the afternoon might not have brought the CPI down below Rs. 100 for the entire day.  You could, in effect, be throwing away business.


You also need to consider the time lag and path to conversion - have you examined these details in your Search funnels reports?  


Managing Accounts for CPA needs to be done over periods of time to see long term trends and I'd rarely recommend "knee jerk" responses within a daily period.



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