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Automated CPA and ROAS

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I have many campaigns running under Target CPA and ROAS.


Before being automated, when where manually bidding, I made many adjust bidding in Devices like decreasing mobile to 50%.


My question is, when campaigns turn into Automated CPA or ROAS, this adjust still working or not any more?


I understand that if I set decreasing  to 100%, mobile will not run. But what about if I had set decrease in 50%


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Automated CPA and ROAS

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Hi Mat,

If you are using automatic bidding, it's not possible to set ad scheduling bid adjustments. Else you can; since no other exceptions are specified. (For Conversion Optimizer, the only mobile bid adjustment that can be used is a 100% decrease.)

Please find the Bid adjustment eligibility matrix on the help page linked-to below.

*** About bid adjustments ***

Also refer to:

*** About automated bidding ***


Re: Automated CPA and ROAS

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You mention "Ad scheduling" that is not my case. **Use ad scheduling bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids for campaigns that show only on certain days or during certain hours. **

For Mobile Devices bid adj, apply the same rule?

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Re: Automated CPA and ROAS

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>>> You mention "Ad scheduling" <<<

Because that's the only exception. That's what you could not do.