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Audience Targeting

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I'm having trouble setting up In-Market or Affinity Audiences in AdWords. I've found this article:

I get through step 4 -- but for step 5. Select the type of audiences you want your campaign to reach. etc. etc., I don't have any of the Affinity Audiences, In-Market Audiences or any boxes to check. This is what it looks like for me: 




Typing anything in the search filter by term or phrase yields nothing... 

Ideas? Help? Thank you! I can get more info if needed as well. I'd just really like to target some specific audiences! 




Audience Targeting

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Hi Lynne,


I see that you are currently in Remarketing Audiences section, which wont have any values unless you have created Re-Marketing audience (By Default it will have only "All users" list, if you type other than that you wont get any results) list manually using Remarketing tag or other sources. So you wont get any results if you search for any affinity or Intent audience category.


So, I suggest you to Click "Back" (Refer this Screenshot: ), once you clicked "Back" you will see 'Affinity & Intent Audience" list where you will possibly get the desired targeted audiences to your campaign (Refer this Screenshot :


Please let me know whether is this what you are looking for or you have tried these steps and still not getting the results.




Re: Audience Targeting

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Hi RP,

Thank you so much for your response! The steps made sense to me and so did
the screenshot.. I just don't have that back arrow option from the
'Remarketing' section... I've attached a screenshot of this as well. I made
it a bit larger so you could see some of the 'settings and notifications'
surrounding it, in case that is helpful. I'm wondering if it is something
in my settings when I'm creating the ad? Although I've gone through many
times and see if there was anything that came up re: audience and there
isn't in the creation of the ad. Thoughts?

Thank you so much! -Lynne

Lynne Thielen
Marketing.Branding.Social Media

Audience Targeting

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Hi Lynne,


Then the problem is you might be trying to add the "Affinity & Intent Audience" lists to a Search campaign, Search campaigns can only add Re-Marketing list audiences, the other audience category will be only available on Display & Video campaign type.

Example (When I try to add audiences to Search and a display campaign) :

Display Campaign:

Search Campaign:


So, change the campaign type to Display if you want to target specific audiences. Smiley Happy


Here is the article about different Campaign types :


Here is the article explaining about Audiences :


From the Article:

Adding audiences helps you reach people based on their specific interests as they browse pages, apps, channels, videos, and content across the "Google Display Network and YouTube".


I hope this helps!


Best Regards,