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Are keywords related?

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Hello. when you have a lot if keywords, is each one independent of the other? For example if you are advertising purple sneakers, and one of your keywords are 'purple', so then even if someone searches for 'purple color' then it might show up, even though the rest of your keywords are 'purple shoes', 'purple sneakers', etc. Is that so?


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Re: Are keywords related?

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Hi Larry,

Welcome to the AdWords Community!


To simply answer your question, it depends on the Match Type.  If you're bidding on "purple" as Broad or Phrase Match, then yes, it's very likely that your Ads could show when someone queries 'purple color.'


However, AdWords Keywords do not work together as themes.  All Keywords are independent of your other Keywords when they enter the auction for relevant searches.  AdWords attempts to show Ads to the most restrictive Match Type.


How similar Keywords Match to Search Terms


If I could offer you some advice, chose the best, most targeted, most relevant Keywords to you and your products/services.  This foundational strategy will lead to better, more profitable long term results.  AdWords is a very powerful program and spending the time to understand all the nuances before launching your first Campaigns will pay dividends in the long run.

Re: Are keywords related?

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Hi Larry,

Yes, you are right. The most relevant keyword to the user's query triggers the ad.
Else everything depends your keywords match type and negative keywords within the adgroup/campaign.

Corresponding to your example,
The keyword 'purple' will trigger the ad if all 3 keywords are in broad match(except if you have used 'color' as negative within the adgroup/campaign corresponding to keyword 'purple')

And if all the 3 keywords are in phrase and within same adgroup/campaign or different adgroup/campaign, then also only 'purple' will trigger the ad(until 'color' is added as negative to adgroup/campaign corresponding to keyword 'purple')
If all the 3 keywords are in exact match, then the ad will not get triggered with any keyword for this query.(no matter if you have used 'color' as negative or not)

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