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Are impressions of certain keyword search not being sold?

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Hi, thanks for reading my post/question.


I've been playing with the Keyword Planner's "Get Search Volume" and "Get Traffic Estimate" features.

And something doesn't add up, and thus I'm here to ask for help and advice.

It seems that while certain keyword's search volumes (impressions) are for sale, others are not?


Image below, are results when I ran three keywords "discount", "bargain", "groupon"

Sorry uploading the images to Google drive and share with a link is the only way I know.

"Groupon" gets 4093000 search / month --> divided by 30 I get a daily estimate of 136333 impressions

"Discount" gets 22200 search / month --> daily 740 impressions

"Bargain" gets 12100 search / month --> daily 403 impressions

With the Traffic Estimation tool (exact match), I got:

"Groupon" 129878 impressions

"Discount" 106.92 impressions

"Bargain" 15.04 impressions


It seems for Groupon, it is possible to bid for all impressions, 129878 is pretty close to 136333 

However it seems the impressions for Discount and Bargain are not being sold as much

For Discount, only 107 / 740 = only 14.5% is being sold 

For Bargain, only 15 / 403 = only 3.7% is being sold


Would anyone please help explain this to me? Am I reading it wrong?





Re: Are impressions of certain keyword search not being sold?

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Hi Brian,

The first thing that comes to mind is time frame. The estimates for daily impressions and clicks is based on the time frame that you set whereas the avg monthyl searches is the average over a 12 month period. So there may be some large discrepancies there.

Furthermore, the avg monthly searches is based on history whereas specific daily estimates is a forecast of what you can expect and thus is predictive. While this predictionis based on historical data it is not an average of historical data but a prediction of what you can expect given historical impressions, growth factors, time of year etc.

You can also check a few settings, for example ensure that you are showing monthly forcasts, base your data on the next month and so forth. Changing these settings will give you a different picture depending on how you set them up.

The most important thing to remember though is that the keyword planner is simply a tool to help with keyword research. It is in now way definitive or highly accurate to the impression. Take the numbers as a guide and not a be all and end all of what kind of traffic there is out there.

Hope this helps.

Re: Are impressions of certain keyword search not being sold?

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Hi Clynton,

Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate your spending time to discuss this to help me out.

Time frame definitely provided a new perspective that I haven't thought of.

While knowing the keyword planner may not be highly accurate, I feel the discrepancy is too large for me to grasp.

All three keywords have enough search volume, Groupon (4093000), Discount (22200),
Bargain (12100).

I can bid for 95% of Groupon impressions, but only 14.5% of Discount and 3.7% of Bargain.

It's so low thus my question title "are some keyword's impression not being sold?" Smiley Sad

Are there any other ways to look at it? thanks!

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September 2015

Re: Are impressions of certain keyword search not being sold?

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Hi Brian,

It seems I did not address that particular part of your question, so let me do so here.

I am actually glad you are using those particular keywords as they make it a little bit easier to explain.

Firstly the time period is a large factor that I think you may be dismissing too lightly. your forecast is over the next 7 days. yet I am pretty sure that bargain would have a lot of volume over the holidays for example such as Christmas and the like. Thus the avg monthly searches may be heavily skewed by these months.

That being re-iterated, there is another lesser know factor that many people do not consider when using the planner.

The planner takes into account ad history on the keyword. both yours an other advertisers on those keywords.

What you need to remember that Google is all about relevance, and even if you are bidding on a certain keyword and you are the only one your ad may still not be shown if Google does not believe it to be relevant enough, despite a high CPC set by you.

Now in the case of Groupon, users are searching for Groupon itself and thus relevant ads are able to be made and Google has found groupon ads to be relevant to the keyword, thus 95% of the impressions are available.

With an exact match Keyword like 'bargain' Google has probably found the term to be far too generic and any ad targeting this term is not able to provide a relevant ad to the user as they advertiser has no way of knowing what bargain the user is looking for.

3.7% of the impressions are available possibly because Google feels like it could match an ad with that many users based on session data to give them a satisfactorily relevant ad.
(I actually went and tested 'bargain' out on three different Google domains and did not receive a single ad)

So to answer your question. Every impression is up for sale, just some of them are not sold due to relevance.

Hope this helps

Re: Are impressions of certain keyword search not being sold?

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I'd just like to thank you for your insights.
it really helps, thanks you so much!

brian Smiley Happy