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Are Anonymous placements worth it? How do I target Anonymous placements?

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Hi, I have some questions about Anonymous placements.  Yesterday, I asked about what they were and I got some answers clarifying what they are (


Now, I may be interested in adding Anonymous placements to my campaign but I have two questions:


1) I'm reading that some websites keep themselves Anonymous because the theme of the website or the page it the advertisements are on are  "questionable":


Sumanth G wrote about some Anonymous websites:

I checking out one of the placements where the clicks were high. I was appalled when nude images showed up on the placement site!! The text contained the keywords that I was targeting but it was a fake website with keywords randomly placed!! Now I'm worried that there might be similar websites in anonymity and I have no control over it


How can I avoid such "shady" websites or "shady" pages that my advertisement will be placed if I select an Anonymous website?  Doesn't the Google Adwords team do a quality check before they allow these websites to list themselves in Adwords?


2) How can I ensure that my ad is placed on the relevant page on an "Anonymous" website?  For example, if I am targeting Ford vehicle customers, how can I ensure that my ad only appears on pages related to "Ford" on an "Anonymous" auto website?  (ie. if the "Anonymous" website is for all car makers and it has pages for Honda, BMW, Ford, etc, I only want my ad to appear on the "Ford" pages and not the pages dedicated to Honda and BMW).



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Re: Are Anonymous placements worth it? How do I target Anonymous placements?

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Hi @Gadwin G

Well.. -  The lack of transparency is  part of being anonymous....


Yes, Google does check the quality of those sites, before they are accepted to the GDN,  though there could cases which "slip under the  (Google) radar"

I'm not sure how the user in your quote checked the site (if it was anonymous...), but that could be with any given site when keywords targeting is used. Contextual targeting algorithm  has improved considerably during the last 2-3 years, but, yet, it is a machine which does the matching of a site to your  targeting method(s),  and it's not (yet) perform as a human would....




Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Are Anonymous placements worth it? How do I target Anonymous placements?

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Thanks for your answer to my first question MosheTLV. With respect to my second question, because I can't see the Anonymous website or the exact page where my advertisement will be placed, how can I ensure that my advertisement is placed on the relevant page and omitted on the non-relevant pages of the Anonymous website? For example, if I am targeting "Ford" customers and the Anonymous website is a general auto website, I don't want my ad to show up on pages about Honda, BMW, Toyota, etc. I only want my advertisement to show up on pages related to "Ford".