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Are AdWords worth it?

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If I am getting great search results organically, is there any reason to spend money on paid AdWords?

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Re: Are AdWords worth it?

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Hi Scott,


Its good that you're getting good results from organic listings. However, organic listings do not let you customize your messaging based on a user's search, which is very much possible in AdWords. You can show compelling ads to relevant users & get relevant traffic to your website. Secondly, it takes time for a website to get visible on organic results based on your SEO efforts, while AdWords doesn't require so much time to show ads. 


Further, if you're a retailer; you can take advantage of Google Shopping or PLAs to show ads with images, price & promotions with ads - a feature not available in organic listings. Another advantage I'd say is being able to measure the impact of changes you've made and decide accordingly. AdWords results are totally measurable and gives you more insights on what your potential customers are doing out there in the conversion cycle. You can define your marketing strategy based on these insights and implement appropriate features accordingly. I'd recommend reading this article that has more insights on this topic.


Hope that helps!



Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Are AdWords worth it?

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Hi Scott T,

AdWords works well for some folks, not so well for others. Paid advertising tends to support your organic listings, and it will get you ad impressions for other keywords for which you don't rank as well. It is not a bad thing to show your ad along side the organic results. Some studies indicate it's a good thing.

So, what's the answer? You won't know until you give it your best effort. Start with a small campaign, with a budget you can afford to lose (yes, all of it). Then start fine tuning your campaign so it becomes profitable. At that point, you can increase your budget, but do that slowly, too. It takes effort, almost daily at the beginning. You need to be willing to put that effort in to get good results back out.

There are a lot of options for advertising in AdWords. Try one that is appropriate for you. I would recommend the Search Network only to get started. It brings us customers and can do the same for you.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Are AdWords worth it?

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Hello Scott,

Welcome to adwords community,

Its great that you are getting good search result organically. First of all you need to focus on your goal. What is the purpose of your site? Is that provide information or online store. If it is for commercial purpose then are you getting sale through organic result? What is your branding strategy? You can get good leads, conversion through Adwords or you can focus on branding through Adwords. But it is completely depends on your business type. Some products works really well, some are not. It depends how well you optimize.

Hope this help.


Re: Are AdWords worth it?

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One thing that is worth noting is that there is an argument to say that when people click on your ad they are pre-disposed to act in a certain way - if your ad is well written. This is called buyer intent.

For example, I have a website where I provide information/articles to a certain audience who are interested in building a business online. While the articles rank organically and get readers, they don't generate leads that well (less than 5% conversions). The same site has an advertising campaign designed to generate leads through adwords. This campaign generates leads at around 25% conversion (click to lead). While there is a cost to this, the time and cost of creating content is much greater than managing my adwords account.

In addition, most of my sales are generated from leads who have clicked an ad and not those who have joined my email subscriber list from organic listing.

Hope this helps!