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Any advice for bookstore advertisers

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Recently launched an online bookstore and I am looking for Adwords campaign advice/feedback from others in this category. Just curious if you are having better success with search vs display. 

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Re: Any advice for bookstore advertisers

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Hi DJ,

About 10 years ago I needed to promote a bookstore specialized in 19th century German philosophy. That experience is not fresh, however, since no one has answered to your post as yet I'd like to share my ideas. First, bookstores are swarming on the net by the hundreds or even more, with some big names involved that advertise nationwide. Due to very fierce competition on Search, I don't think a new store with a limited budget will have more than thin chances.

Therefore if I were you my vote would go to the Display Network. This is an example of what you could do:

Select Display Planner under the Tools tab, then the "Search for new targeting ideas using a phrase, website, or category" drop-down. Complete the sheet as prompted, enter a phrase or your website, and hit "Get placement ideas".
On the next page select "Individual targeting ideas", "Placements" and "Sites". What you'll get is a nice number of potential sites worth your consideration for targeting. Because the list is machine generated you are advised to check out each recommended website for relevance very thoroughly before you start spending.

Chances are you'll have to go thru multiple hundreds of websites till you can select the best matches for your purposes. Even if it takes a week or more for you, you are advised to stick to this plan and only embark on spending money when you are done with it. Next add those sites as managed placements in your Display campaign and there you go.


Re: Any advice for bookstore advertisers

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Why you just want to compare Search VS Display. Why not both?

Display works well in your Industry but though try putting few money in Search Campaign as well.

All the best!!

Umesh Raj

Re: Any advice for bookstore advertisers

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I agree with Lakatos and Umesh. I would also like to suggest my idea for online bookstore as well.

There are three options for you which should be used as separate campaigns:

1. Search Network
2. Display Network
3. Google Merchant Center ( Product Feeds )

1. Search Network -
Create Campaigns with location of your audience ( UK cities, USA Cities, India cities)
Use Adgroups based on categories - Keywords in phrase match with prefix of call-to-action Example- "buy marketing books online", "order comic books online". The adgroups should have set of similar categories with Ad text ( Headline should be relavent to the set of keywords in the adgroup ). For Example - Buy Comic Books Online ( Headline is 22 characters out of 25 characters)

note: For ecommerce websites, use phrase match for all the keywords with call to action. This will increase conversion rate without any risk.

2. Display Network -

Create banners of all standard sizes or create with Ad Gallery. Ad gallery has options where you can display 4 books in one banner. So group all the similar set of business or marketing books in one banner and redirect that to relavant landing page ( I love this feature is in Adwords, which is not in SEO Smiley Happy.

3. Google Merchant Center -

If you have a large set of inventory of books and are already stored in your excel with all paramenter. Then your half the job is done. You can create Google Merchant account and link that with Google adwords and upload the feed ( It is important to follow the guidelines while uploading.....and its not robotic science...but very simple process).

Once your feed is uploaded, you will find the results on right side of google search with your Book image, Price and link goes to that particular product page and sale done.....

Take the advantage of new Google Feature change from Feb 22, 2016 on Google Search Results page. The right side of PPC ads are shifted to the top and the space is created for Product listing Ads.

Instead of Search Vs Display, why cant you try all the available options and divide your budget in different campaign and check after one month.

Adwords is about optimization. So analyse best ROI from which network and increase the budget to that campaign and pause the rest.

Best of Luck and Utilize Adwords fully for your Online Book Store...Smiley Happy