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Analyzing Ad Clicks & Impressions

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Hello Google Pros!


I am having an issue analyzing the difference between my ad perfromance from last year compared to this year. Here's my issue:

I have a very seasonal business where the Fall is the busiest. Therefore, I compare my data to previous year's months when I was busy.

My ads are recieving a bit more impressions this season compared to last, but I'm not recieving the same amount of clicks. My avg. position is still the same. HELP!?


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Re: Analyzing Ad Clicks & Impressions

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Good morning - 


What you describe is what I call "seasonality" and you're a wise advertiser to pay attention to it. Smiley Happy  


If your ads are receiving similar numbers of impressions as they did last year, then that means that search traffic for your product/service is probably at about the same level, which is good, and an indicator of a healthy industry. 


That your ads are not receiving the same number of clicks is, maybe, not surprising. Ad messaging has to be "freshened up" sometimes. How often are you writing new ad variations and testing different messaging?

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Re: Analyzing Ad Clicks & Impressions

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Thank you for responding!


I try new variations of ads every so often. I give them a few weeks to trial and then decide if they have a good enough CTR to keep or not. Would you suggest I try making more ads? Does it take a couple weeks for the ad to gain credibility?