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Am I doing local search right?

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I'm trying to manage an adwords campaign for an electrician friend. I'm a complete novice and the more I read, the more confused I end up feeling.


My setup

I have split categories up in to towns. So there's a different category for Portsmouth and Southamptom for example. This seemed like a logical way to structure the account.


The campaign level is geographically targeted by the matching town. Therefore my ad should only be triggered by people searching within that location or they specifically target the location with keyword?


The ad groups are then broken down in to themes, for example (emergency electrician) and another is directly targetting (electrician portsmouth). Each of these ad groups has their own keywords, ads and landing page. I am using exact match keywords in these ad groups for example [electrician portsmouth] [electricians in portsmouth] and so on.


I have negative keywords setup for words such as auto, to eliminate people searching for auto electricians etc.


My biggest concern is absolute lack of impressions. I appreciate it's not going to generate thousands but we're talking under 100 impressions a day right now, spanning 10 towns and each town has specific ad groups targeting emergency electrician, qualified electrician and so on.


Today, I even setup a new campaign, targeting the exact match [electrician] which targetted a 15 mile radius but that has failed to generate many impressions either.


Either hardly nobody searches for electricians online, or I'm doing something drastically wrong here. 


Any advice as to what I might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Am I doing local search right?

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Another thing I'm confused about, match types.

Is it sensible to use exact match and phrase match in the same ad group? I'm guessing not and they should perhaps be separated.

But lets say I target [electrician portsmouth] in my exact match group and "electrician portsmouth" in my phrase match group, won't they be competing? Isn't this the cross contamination I keep reading about?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just extremely overwhelmed and feeling a little dumb Smiley Surprised/

Re: Am I doing local search right?

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Hi Les,


That's a lot to cover. Let me deal with the match type question.


Many people organize their campaigns so that phrase, exact and even broad match types for the same keyword in the same ad group. The do not compete in the way you are thinking. In most cases, Google will select the most restrictive match type if 2 or more are eligible. Google also assumes you would be bidding more for the more restrictive types, broad match having the lowest bid and exact match having the highest bid.


I'm not real sure what the cross-contamination that you have read about is. It probably is when you have the same keyword in several ad groups separated by match type. In that case, sometimes a broad match term will trigger when an exact match term should have triggered. You manage that by entering negative keywords by match type in the less restrictive match type groups.


OK, let's see if we can get you more impressions. Do all of your keywords include the town name? Try broad and phrase match types without the town name and see if you get more impressions.


Best of Luck!





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