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All conversions firing for all campaigns?

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Hi There,


We have two conversion triggers for two campaigns - one triggers on a landing page view for the general campaign and the other triggers on the thank you page of the separate tickets website for the remarketing campaign.


But the remarketing campaign (thank you page trigger) in Adwords shows over 3000 conversions even though only 700 tickets have been sold. This is leading us to believe that despite separate conversions being setup with each campaign in Adwords, that all conversions just fire regardless of the campaign.


Does that sound right?


Any help would be much appreciated.








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Re: All conversions firing for all campaigns?

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Hi Ben,

It's usually a mistake to have conversion code on the landing page. That means every click is a conversion. If you're intent is to create a re-marketing list including everyone who clicked on your ad, you should be using the re-marketing code instead. It looks a lot the same, but includes "var google_remarketing_only = true;".

It sounds to me like lists from both sets of the conversion code are being added to your re-marketing list. Is that what you wanted?

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: All conversions firing for all campaigns?

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Thanks heaps for the reply but I'm still confused sorry.

Firstly, I added conversion code on the display campaign's landing page because with other banner ads (not from Google) we've observed roughly half of all clicks not resulting in a landing page view. So I wanted to track the difference between clicks and page views when using Google. But you're saying this is a mistake, is that right?

Secondly, we have the remarking conversion code on the thank you page of ticketing website (a separate site). So this will only fire when someone checks out and reaches the thank you page on the ticketing site - yes?

And, all traffic from the remarking campaign is directed to this separate tickets website.

My question is this, If someone views a landing page at any time before or after clicking a remarketing ad, does that landing page view also count towards a conversion for the remarketing campaign?