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Agency Best Practices

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Got a quick question from an agency perspective. There is two parts to it.


1. will two clients in the same vertical, bidding on the same keywords, be bidding against each other in search auctions. (I'm like 200% sure they are but I wanted to clarify). 


eg. two auto dealers bidding on "used suv" in an MCC


2. will an MCC be penalized for marketing more than one client in the same vertical and wouldn't that create a conflict of interest for the clients signing with that agency?


Thoughts anyone?



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Re: Agency Best Practices

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@Brennan A;

Each account is graded separately by the system, based on the accounts performances (i.e the performances of the campaigns on the account)

It's totally a professional issue whether your agency  decides to manage accounts of two competitors.

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Re: Agency Best Practices

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That's what I thought. I think it is a little unethical if you ask me especially if the agency isn't openly saying anything or chooses not to. I'll store this one away.

Thanks for the help.