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Adwords kept getting disapproved ?? any ideas

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I am trying to run a google adwords campaign for our price comparison site, and have developed a landing page with content and a table of the best prices on where to buy the product.  The ad is


Compare the lowest prices
Buy Today


However I keep getting the message disapproved

"Landing page and site policy guidelines"


Any ideas on how to get it to be approved as google are running ads for price comparison sites such as this one for the phrase 'xbox price comparison'


What else needs to be done so it meets the criteria, as the Kelkoo link above is exactly the same - it provides price comparison on products and affiliate tracking links

I looked at the google link - thanks for that and it seems to be classing my link as a bridge page - but its no different to the likes of Kelkoo or Pricerunner

Re: Adwords kept getting disapproved ?? any ideas

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Hi cheapf,


Essentially, I believe following clause may be the root of your problem:


"Provide substantial information. If your ad links to a page consisting mostly of ads or general search results (such as a directory or catalog page), it must also provide additional, unique content."




What would be "substantial information" for price comparison site such as yours, Kelkoo, Pricerunner?


Not only price and availability of the products but also:

  • customer reviews,
  • expert reviews,
  • technical details of the product,
  • any other info that might be helpful to your visitors.

Of course, more precise answer would be possible if you provide the link of your landing page.


Kind regards,


Re: Adwords kept getting disapproved ?? any ideas

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Yeah, I was just going to say, it looks like it would be classified as a bridge page.


Under the "Not Acceptable" column, it states:


A shopping comparison site driving users to only one online merchant with no additional site functionality.


You might also want to check out the arbitrage policy:


I'm not accusing you that your site is an Arbitrage or Bridge page; I'm just suggesting this might be why your ads continue to get disapproved.


Question for you: have you been able to send paid search traffic to this domain in the past?

Re: Adwords kept getting disapproved ?? any ideas

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Thanks for all the advice so far its great!


No not used adwords before as our onsite SEO is pretty good - its was going to be used for the forthcoming launch of a new product.


I think it is being classified as a bridge page although as I mentioned sites like kelkoo and pricerunner gocompare, travelsupermarket etc all seem to get through?


Does this page on Pricerunner meet the criteria?  They have a section for user reviews but across most of the site there are no user reviews posted.


More interesting though is since the ad was disapproved my organic search results have disappeared? (which have all been white hat)  Coincidence perhaps or something more sinister from Google??