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Adwords in China

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Hi team, from Beijing.

I want to use a domestic targeted Adwards in China, I was hoping to talk to a Google rep [my partner speaks Chinese] but they seem not interested and refered us to an agent. Few people trust agents in China, of any sort, but never the less, when we called they said we need an up front fee of 5000 rmb.

From what I have read and little I know about Adwords, this seems contrary to the basic belifes of Adwords.


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Re: Adwords in China

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I personally dont have any experience with adwords china but following info i got from adwords help for china contacts for adwords


9 am - 12 pm noon
1 pm - 6 pm CST
Monday - FridayMandarin Chinese

Hope this helps

Regards, Nik
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Re: Adwords in China

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Hello and welcome,


First of all, Adwords advertising system is such that you will only have to pay when someone clicks your ad. If someone doesn't click, you don't pay.


Secondly, there is no particular limit on spending. Advertiser can spend depending upon his/her requirement.


To see what payment options are available for you in China, I found this reference:


Hope that helps!


Re: Adwords in China

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Hi wordperfect,


If you're supposed to run Google AdWords by yourself only, you need not to pay any amount for it but if you hire an agency/expert to run your campaigns you will have to pay for it.


If you think you can run AdWords Campaign then you can ask for the help to Google AdWords Representatives and also manage it effectively by using Google AdWords Help Support .



I hope it helps!




Anand Vishwakarma

Re: Adwords in China

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Hello, thank you everyone for taking time to reply, sorry I am late, I could not find a way back to this site!

I have read most of what is on line, at least the first 2 SERP's and again, I appreciate those who referenced me to them, but they do not really address the situation. I was hoping to get an "official" statement on Google's position on Adwords in China, it seems to be that it is, like most things here, open to abuse and cheating.


Yes, we will do our own campaign, we are a well established marketing studio having already run several campaigns on Baidu, but I wanted to try Adwords, partly to test the difference and partly as i believed Adwords may be more open and transparent.

But I am beginning to think I was mistaken.


I guess I could do it "on line" so to speak, but it would have been better if we could have talked to a Google adwords staffer live, in person, face to face to discuss things.

Again, thanks for the tips guys, any updated info is still welcome.