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Adwords & YouTube Views Way Off

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For four days, my Adwords account has shown that I have accumulated around 9,500 views on my YouTube video. When I go to my YouTube analytics, for the video, it will update each day about 10 or 15 views but it only has me at about 173 total lifetime views. Why is it not showing 9500 views like Adwords says that its had?
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Re: Adwords & YouTube Views Way Off

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Hi Chris,


One of the reason for the data discrepancies could be that the YouTube Analytics shows you data from all traffic sources i.e. paid, organic etc.. However, the Adwords for Video performance statistics available under Adwords account are restricted to the paid traffic only.


I would further suggest you to read this help center reference for more insights:



Re: Adwords & YouTube Views Way Off

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Hello Pankaj,

I very kindly appreciate your answer. I guess I am still confused though because in the link you provided it states that:

"We can't guarantee that the views you're billed for and your YouTube viewcount will be equal. Discrepancies do arise, and we attempt to keep the cumulative numbers approximately equal. While you may be billed for an appropriate amount of engaged views, some of those views were not eligible for YouTube view counts."

So, it seems to clearly state that they attempt to keep the numbers approximately equal and yet even about ten days later, Adwords shows that I have well over 10,000 views of my video and yet YouTube shows that I have 340. That is not even close to equal. In Adwords, it states the following:

The views column displays the number of times your ads in your campaigns were viewed by the user. A view occurs when a user watches your video. For TrueView video ads, the views on your video ad will also count toward your public YouTube viewcount." That view count is around 11,000.

How could Adwords calculate 11,000 views while YouTube calculates 340 views? There shouldn't be that much of a discrepancy. Also, approximately 90% of people watched my video 100% of the way through. Then because of Adwords calculating the 11,000 views, they are charging me $140.

I apologize if I am not understanding the concept or explanation but if you have any further ways of explaining how this can happen, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.