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Adwords account suspended for repeated violations. No violation from my side and what next?

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Have an adwords account with customer id : xxx-xxx-xxxx. Also as a hosting company, we are managing this account of ours with several other accounts in the same MCC. Therefore to manage my own account, I never had to login to its adwords/gmail account.


I created a set of Image ads and a text ad. Everything was fine till I discovered the text was disapproved due to bad URL (was giving 403 error). But I found this error around 7th-8th March and rectified it there and then.

In the MCC while I checked the account, there was no suspension message but no ads were running even after our cheque had been cleared and the same being reflecting in the Google statement. Since we have been dealing with Google Engage programme in India, the lady there told us that our account is under 'review'. Same lady also applied a coupon to this account. But to my horror when I checked email of this particular account, I found that on 7th March this account has been suspended. So there are two issues there

1, In MCC, it does not show us the correct status of the account.

2. Since I rectified this error 4-3 days ago, even after contacting Google today, my account remains suspended


I do admit that I missed checking my emails, but the correct status of account should have reflected in the MCC panel.


When I did contact Google for this issue, I believe the reply I got has been sent by some bot etc. 


The message I see by logging into my Adwords account says 'Your Google AdWords account has been permanently suspended for repeated violation of AdWords or Landing Page and Site policies in this or a related account'


Also the suspension email contains the line 'Please be aware that you are prohibited from possessing or creating any other AdWords accounts, both now and in the future.' 


Above are real hard words for no fault of mine. Is there a chance that the account will get cleared? Or I need to take refund route? Or simply change to Yahoo, Bing etc. . 


Any help in this case is appreciated.



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Re: Adwords account suspended for repeated violations. No violation from my side and what next?

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Please remove any account IDs from your post (as per posting guidelines of this community), and rephrase the question without disclosing any account IDs. You may display your web-site URL if landing page policy violation is in question.



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Re: Adwords account suspended for repeated violations. No violation from my side and what next?

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Hi Kirti,


It's unfortunate to see that your account got suspended. But this happens when there are repetitive violations happening across the account and are not taken care of. As you said, you skipped the emails sent from Google's side time and again.


I would strongly encourage you to speak with Adwords support ASAP because they are the ones who could decide about the current status of your account and whether this ban will remain permanent or not. You could call them or write to them immediately to see if there is any hope.


An update for you Kirti. I was going through the forum questions and got this thread where Google Employee Kathryn clearly mentions that if the website violations are taken care of keeping all the guidelines intact, the account might be considered for unsuspension. See this thread for details.


Hope that may be of some assistance to you!