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Adwords account associated with google analytics

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hi Google - first - you should identify the comment field as a subject line on the previous screen as it looked like a scrollable content field - bad usability. It was frustrating trying to enter in a question in a limited field


Question: Our agency set up adwords and then tried to transfer control to us but said there was an ad words account already associated with our gmail account that includes our analytics so they set up a different one. Is there any way we can pull in the adwords account into our Google analytics account? I don't want to lose data.


Can you advise if there is a way to ad an ad words account into a pre-existing google analytics account that may have an ad words account associated to it? Someone else set up the original account and we weren't aware that there was ad words already associated to it - we can't see it.


Please advise


Re: Adwords account associated with google analytics

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Hi Morneau S

You can not have two analytics accounts on the same Google account.

I do not totally understand which user account is witch.

You can always make a new Google account. And make grand that Google account administrator rights in both Adwords and Analytics.

Or maybe you can grand the current Adwords user administrator rights in the Analytics account.
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