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Adwords Team Needs To Apologize To Adwords Users

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Basically I cannot work on my accounts with this new API issue of uploading adverts.


Google should apologize, I like others spend money on advertising and when managing large campaigns cannot make changes I have zero productivity.


Why hasnt this been sorted out, surly as fast as someone made this change, someone can revert it?


I find it actually insulting to me and sure other advertisers might feel the same that Adwords provides so solid solution.


I have uninstalled the program.

Downloaded a fresh copy of my campaigns, 

Tried deleting the campaign and then uploading - still nothing.


Is it so difficult to sort this issue out, you introduce a new editor with bugs, flaws and expect advertisers to take this seriously.


To be quite honest, I run ads on bing which provide better conversions Im in 2 minds of pausing my campaigns on Adwords until someone sorts this out, I cannot run campaigns/Accounts like this using even chrome - even the browser doesnt work fast enough with googles own Campaigns.


So to say im annoyed is a large understatement.





Re: Adwords Team Needs To Apologize To Adwords Users

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What kind of computer do you have?