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Adwords Scripts Question

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I want to ask about adwords script for automation for my keywords bidding because there are so many campaign with many keywords inside it that it would take time to adjust the appropriate bid for every keyword. I didn't use bulk edit and change it to manual CPC and make all keywords have the same bid because every keyword has different average CPC.


So in my case, I want to change the keywords bid strategy from auto to manual and set the Ma bid amount for every keyword one by one. So i used this script:



// to change keyword bid strategy

// to change keyword cpc bid



I've tried it on my paused campaign but it didn't change anything. And once I run that code for some keywords on enabled campaign, it will reset the keywords' data (everything becomes 0).


My goal is to change the keyword bid from auto to manual cpc and setup the initial keyword bid so it could use my rule based keyword bidding.


Is that code the right one to be implemented?

Or maybe there are some better solutions or implementation?



Thank you,

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Re: Adwords Scripts Question

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For script related questions, you will have better luck with this forum:!forum/adwords-scripts

Re: Adwords Scripts Question

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Hi Georgius,

Have you considered using the AdWords automated bidding features?
These will set bids at the keyword level and make them different based on goal and performance. If this isn't a route you are interested in and you truly want to setup your own bids for every keyword here are the steps I would recommend taking:

1. For every active campaign change the Bid Strategy to Manual CPC
2. In AdWords, navigate to the Keywords tab and select Edit > Download Spreadsheet
3. Make changes to the max CPC in the spreadsheet based on your rules (like based on last 30 days CPC or something)
4. Upload the spreadsheet back into AdWords with your adjusted bids

Hope this helps,
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Adwords Scripts Question

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Thank you, Chris. I'll move to the suggested forum.


Thank you, Jim. I already try the auto bid, but some of it cost a lot. So i think i try to use manual bid for every keywords and get the automated rule to work. 


Actually i'm afraid to lose all data in the keywords that will be changed. But I'll try the way you suggest. 

Re: Adwords Scripts Question

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Hi @Georgius R, simply changing strategies or bids shouldn't reset the data for the Keyword, I'll have to check this myself before confirming.  When we see "resets" of data, what we're actually seeing is a whole new AdWords element being created (while the old element is removed), so these "resets" will typically only occur when something unique to the element has changed, for example changing the text of a Keyword or Ad.


As you can imagine, I have a large number of scripts adjusting bids all the time, and they don't remove/create Keywords...


Why do you need to set the bidding strategy individually by Keyword?  Do you have other Keywords using other strategies?  Would it not be simpler to set the strategy at the Campaign/Group level?



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