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Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Hi to all,


I am handling an old ecommerce adwords account, but i have started learning PPC just one month ago. Can Experts help me what important aspects i should remember and What exactly i will do or follow to optimize that account as a Proffesional.


Trying Hard, Need Support

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Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Hi Sam, that's a tough question, it's a bit like saying "I've just been sat behind the wheel of a car.  How do I drive it?".  AdWords has a number of "basic" concepts that can be learned fairly rapidly, much like driving; it is the detail and the experience that cannot be quickly or easily built.


Is this Account running now, spending money?  If so, does it return a positive net profit?  These two questions are important because how you answer will inform how we make any useful response to your question.  For example, if the Account is not currently running then I'd advise a route that gives you the learning you'll need to start it up again, if it is running and making a net profit, you may also be able to take more time to learn before you make any changes.  If it's running and not making a profit, you may need to consider whether it continues to run, and how you should act in the near future.


Have you found the Help Centre?



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Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Good morning.


I would strongly suggest that you review the material in the AdWords Help (learning) center in order to understand the parts and pieces of an advertising campaign and the choices you can make that control your advertising.


If you have specific questions, please feel free to post again!

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Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Optimizing AdWords account includes several factors and especially an ecom account.

I would like to get this thread rolling with few tips and may be others will chip in with their tips.

I would like to start with something very basic without going in to account structure or anything like that.

  • I would start with list of keywords which are spending most of your budget and check if the quality scores for these keywords are acceptable or are you spending more because of low quality score
  • I would look up list of keywords which is driving you most of the revenue and check if I have 100% impression share on these keywords and acceptable positions
  • If its a large ecom website with several products and varients then I would definately go for keyword level destination URLs

I guess this should be enough to get this thread rolling Smiley Happy



Regards, Nik
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Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Hi SamGenius,


As you have said that you are managing an old account of ecommerce. So few matrixs you should foucs on ie CTR , position, conversion.

Try to change your ads after one month or 2 and keep watching on your compititor's behaviour if you have any best offers than you comptitor so put it into your ads (don't forget about adwords policy)

Optimize your adgroup by adding new keyword (Search term and keyword planner gives you better keywords idea which you should have to analyis it according to your product or according to adgroup) and pause those keywords which are more expensive for you any not giving any conversion.


You can use PLSA as well if you are not using it into you ecommerce account.


These are the few thing which you should keep doing in a week or month.

I suggest you that you should go with this link

Adwords community is best plateform where you can learn lots of thing.

Hope this help you.


Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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HI SamGenius,


because you need a fast course, I would suggest to the following:


1. Check the Campaigns stuctures - separate search network from display network campaigns

2. In Keywords tab, click Details / Search terms / All and check where money was spended. Exclude bad or unrelated Keywords -  Add as negative keywords.

3. In Keywords tab check Columns / Customize columns / Attributes / Qual. Score - analyze all the Keywords with QS lower than 7 and pause Keywords with QS < 4


4. Read the Help center instructions how to increase the Quality score and learn, read, learn, read, learn, read .....

Re: Adwords Experts Help Needed

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Understanding bidding basics - and start implementing Smiley Happy