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Adwords Ad Groups

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I've got an Adwords campaign with one adgroup in it which I've called Gifts For Mums and which is one of my keyword phrases I use. I have other keyword phrases I use within this adgroup:


"Gifts For Mums"

"Gift Ideas For Mums"

"A Gift Idea For Mum"

"A Gift Idea For Mum's Birthday"

"Gift Ideas For Mum's 40th"


Reading various bits of "advice" on a number of sites about Adwords, Adgroups and Keywords, I'm wondering if I should create 2 Adgroups with keywords from above as follows:


AdGroup 1: Gifts For Mums

Keywords: "Gifts For Mums", "A Gift For Mum's Birthday"


AdGroup 2: Gift Ideas For Mums

Keywords; "Gift Ideas For Mums", "A Gift Idea For Mum", "A Gift Idea For Mum's Birthday", "Gift Ideas For Mums 40th"


The key difference between the 2 groups as you shall see is simply is the use of the word Ideas in the second group. Do you think this justifies having 2 groups and sets of keywords and also sets of adverts? Should I use the same landing pages for each variation of a keyword, EG: "Gifts For Mums" & "Gift Ideas For Mums" go to the same landing page even though they're in different adgroups? I use the keywords as phrase match (with the quotes) as shown above. My ads are set to show in the UK market which is where I'm based (don't know if that shall make a difference or not).


Would really appreciate some constructive comments about this. Many thanks for your time.


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Re: Adwords Ad Groups

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Hi Les


It certainly sounds like you are on the right track and I would go with your suggestions.


My basic premise is to have very few keywords per ad group; in a perfect world, even just one keyword per ad group. That isn't always practical, of course, so I often start with clusters of keywords then split out (peel and stick) based on data, i.e. impression counts in order to create even more relevant ad copy.


Good luck.

Re: Adwords Ad Groups

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Hello there

What is the reason behind creating two ad-groups? (A special biding strategy? different ads? language targeting?)


If non of those - I really don't see the point of creating another ad-group. Moreover, if you create a different ad-group (with a differentt ad-copy) the keywords might compete: if a keyword from the "other group" will trigger the an ad, you might end up showing the "other ad".


There are ad-groups with hundreds of keywords. (Not that I would recommend ). But, I get the impression that in your case you're not having that many...


Having said that, it is important to set the match type of all keywords right. On this topic there are hundreds of discussions in the community. (Just run a search for "match type bid" )



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Adwords Ad Groups

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Hi Les and welcome to the Community.  Adrian's already given some sound advice and I'll just expand upon that.


As Adrian has said, I too like to aim for lots of Ad Groups with very few Keywords.  This means your Groups can be very tightly focused on a theme which then means your Ads can be highly relevant to that theme and so can your landing pages all of which is a "good thing".


In your particular case (and for any other AdWords case, for that matter), the key is the intent of the searcher.  If you can look at two different Keywords in the same Group and can see a different search intent behind each one, they should probably be in different Groups.  So, with that in mind, are there different intents in your Keywords?


You've split the Groups between just "gifts" and "ideas", but in fact I'm seeing a different intent "line".  I think someone searching just on the word "gifts" is still looking for ideas.  If they knew what they wanted to buy, they'd search for that, wouldn't they?  If I know I want to buy someone a digital photo frame I'll search for "digital photo frame", not "gifts" and hope they sell what I want Smiley Happy  I think the line here is actually between gifts and ideas in one group and 40th (or any specific type of birthday, anniversary, etc.) in another.  I'd say that once you put in a specific age or anniversary you've moved away from looking for "anything" and have moved to something more specific.

Nothing to stop you having three Groups anyway (and I imagine you'll be looking at a lot more than this across your whole product range), but it's worth thinking about.


By the way, if you do have a lot of Groups to build, you might consider using the AdWords Editor as it makes building and verifying a large number of Groups much easier.




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Re: Adwords Ad Groups

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Reading Jon's answer; Not to make you confused: there is no "right or wrong" here; those are different strategies. I personally don't like many ad-groups unless "targeting" different audiences. I think too many are hard to manage.

But again; You will find many approaches to the issue. You need to work with the one that brings you the best results and is most convenient to you.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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