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My Adowrds account has come to a halt. I recently changed my adds from this landing page http://lionbrands.yolasite.com/agents-and-distributors.php 


To my new landing page http://realbusinessopportunity.yolasite.com/


Google emailed me and said my site was i quote in green....


We've noticed that one of your URLs was recently flagged as against policy, and as a result we are not displaying ads for that site. Please note that the affected URL will not receive ad traffic and all new ads pointing to this URL will be disapproved.

If this is an error, we want to get your ads back up and running as quickly as possible and your Google team is here to help. Here is the account and

Display URL: yolasite.com/lionbrands

"The name of the policy is: Get rich quick

More information about this policy, including how to correct problems:



I then emailed them for an explanation which they never gave just told to read the policy see below

Sites that claim you can make £10,000 a week from home with only 2 hours of work a day

Not allowed

Google doesn't allow the promotion of websites that promise an exaggerated payout for low risk or minimal effort.

Sites that promote fake job opportunities

Not allowed

Google doesn't allow the promotion of websites that promote non-existent job opportunities.

Sites that claim to make you money without clearly describing the products being promoted

 Not Allowed 


Why do accounts get suspended?

We want everyone to have a safe and positive experience when visiting Google and our partner sites. To help make that a reality, we've developed a set of advertising policies that we expect advertisers to follow. When advertisers don't follow these policies, we might disapprove their ads to let them know that something's not right. When advertisers continue to break the rules or break the rules in a big way, then we may have to suspend those accounts.For example, if you sell counterfeit goods or consistently try to run ads for illegal drugs, your account might get suspended. These kinds of websites cause visitors to have poor, or even harmful experiences, so we might suspend the accounts to protect visitors.



In the mean time i changed my site and added an income disclaimer at the end of the landing page.

They now have said the it is permantly suspended for "repeated violations".


this is what they wrote to back to me. 

Thank you for your email. We understand that you have some concerns regarding your suspended account. As you know, we are committed to making the AdWords experience safe and effective for both our users and our advertisers. Please understand that the decision to suspend your AdWords account was not taken lightly. We suspended your AdWords account after a careful review of your landing page quality because we believe that advertising policy violations, such as those described in the email you received, may create a seriously negative or possibly harmful user experience.

You can review our Advertising Policies here:


How is this possible when i couldn't activate my adds since yesterday morning? it has been suspended in the mean time i have been trying to sort this thing out now they say repeated violations ---

  1. How do i repeat violations if they have already suspended the adds???? 
  2. From the first notice to the last all occured with in a space of 28 hours? 
  3. I have emailed them three times they point blank refuse to answer the questions and just point me back to their policy 
  4. They refuse to give specific reasons of why it is suspended for repeat violations

PLEASE can some one help me. i need these adds up and running again 



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Please edit your post to remove your AdWords account ID number ASAP.


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I see lots of problems with your site - don't shoot the messenger - just trying to give it to you straight.


1. page site collecting personal info - No privacy policy that I can find.


2. Get Rich Quick - Yes, can't help but agree with G on that.  If you maybe tone down the 'get rich' thing some maybe that would help?  I mean the first thing people see is "earn thousands" and then you have this disclaimer at the bottom of the page - "When we say you can “earn thousands” we are referring to thousands of South African rands not US Dollars, Euros or British pounds. The South African rand is less than one tenth of the value of one British pound. If you based in South Africa it is quite reasonable to expect to earn thousands if you put in the effort, as you cannot build a successful business without hard work which you will be taught in our business training programme"


3. The site lacks any real info.  Yes, we get rich, and don't have to spend any money?  but it sounds like someone is going to have to spend some $ "We are looking for Distributors who will buy in bulk directly from us and Agents who will buy from our Distributor network."


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Thanks Kim


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Hi Kim,


Thanks for your response.

I am adressing each of your points by number. 

This is a landing page not the whole website --- I follow up and give 8 documents in an email to explain to them what they need to know costs etc Landing pages are not supposed to have lots of info and links etc. If they interested they can ask for more information -- as i state on the page -- "We will email you all the information you need: product info, pricing etc. Please fill in the form below " 


  1. This is not addressing the issue that G addressed --- However i can add that -- if that will get the issue sorted
  2. Nowhere do i promise them riches in any amount of time...secondly this add only is flighted in South Africa that is our lingo here Americans and Europeans have a different understanding of thousands its like saying to you "earn hundreds" 
  3. As i said this is a landing page.... not the whole website -- i will email the info for those who want more simple. No where od i even menction the word rich on the whole page --- they not signing up for anything only more information? 
  4. Why dont google feel its necassary to treat me like customer ??? and answer with more specific answers? 
  5. Are you in agreement with the way G walks to customers? 



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1. - the privacy policy.  I know that is not the issue G addressed but it compounds things.


2. I know you are not giving a time cap.  Maybe it takes two weeks maybe two years? Who really knows but that is not the point.  It is that Google feels your site is going to provide a poor user experience.  I am not saying you should necessarily throw in the towel and quit but changes are necessary to make G happy.


3. I know it is a LP, I am familiar with them Smiley Happy but it is a one page LP with a form asking for personal info with no privacy policy and promises of what they will get.  If it is free then why do they have to provide all the personal info you ask for? Would just the email alone be enough to ask? 


4. I think Google should treat every customer properly and provide details on why they are suspended but they just don't and I am sure they have their own good reasons for it.  


5. Not always.


You did not ask this but since I noticed you stated it above it sounds like Google cited you with "Repeat Landing Page Violations".  Under the circumstances it is very unlikely this is going to turn out well.  When Google gets you on repeat violations they have warned you, and they are not very forgiving after issuing warnings.  


Maybe you can make some changes and ask for them to review again?




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Hi Kim,


What about my poor experience...? ? well that’s my point and my concern that they have no feel for me as a customer...

This is the worst treatment that I have ever got as a customer of a professional company.... no personal feedback and not even the decency to answer my questions.... ????? wow  - like you say, they have their reasons….. if had shares in google I would sell now… you cannot continue for a very long time with a customer care pattern like this… no matter their reasons..

I do not foresee that google will continue to prosper the way it has if it treats customers like this. They are now failing at marketing 101. Treating customers in this heavy handed legalistic manner is not conducive to a great public image....I foresee governments giving them the same heavy handed legalistic pressure that they now giving their customers.. what goes around comes around in this world...


What is amazing to me is how you write about them you know them so well --- google is the law and you have broken their law ..... not very forgiving are they... thanks for tip ... its all about them not being upset etc... ... they don’t believe in talking to customers like normal business with 70% market share who needs customers ??? can you imagine it is not in them making me happy but about me making google happy --- this is a full reversal of basic customer satisfaction…  


The problem for now is they have too much say and power ... that will change one day as technology evolves ....



What a world we live in 



Thanks for your insight into the g mind




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HI Kim


I have done quite a few chnages please let me know what you think

  1. Header banner
  2. Privacy statement 
  3. other minor changes 






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I think the point here is that your website is not being allowed and you are upset. I understand, but that does not mean that Google was not correct in their determination, it sounds like you were warned as well.  If you just changed the domain name that was not going to fix the problem that Google had with the site.  If Google feels you are going to supply a poor user experience, warn you, and things do not change then they cut you off.  I am sure they would have been happy to take your advertising dollars, but not if the site is a potential problem for visitors referred via adwords.  Wish I could put a positive spin on it but I can't.


Google customer support staff probably can’t tell you much at this point as the determination came from the policy department (a separate department from regular customer service).  


For what it is worth I do understand the frustration.


Take Care.



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It might be too late considering the permanent suspension.  That is a very hard thing to overcome.


I see the policy statement but how abuot linking to a real privacy policy page.


Again, it may be too late at this point but give it a try and then ask for another review, I guess it can't hurt to try.

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