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Adword and Conversions

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Hi everyone, i trust you are all well. Smiley Happy


Ok, so i have come to the point whereas at first i could work everything out on my own! We have just opened our online computer supply shop and is the first time at using Adwords, we basically do not have the funds to pay an SEO company to do the works for us so.....


Now, at first - i made a huge mistake on the ads and put the direct link on the sponsored sections for stupid keywords like Computer supplier, UK computer supplies etc and in the space of 2 hours i clocked up £180.00 in costs with not one sale. Hours of reading from here made me understand the concept of adding campaigns etc.


The problem that we are facing now is that we are getting the traffic that we want, averaging 250 people per day on 0.15 CPC but less than 5% are converting into a buyer. We've been complimented on how the site looks and how easy it is to use but what i want to know is are we doing something wrong within Adwords or perhaps not getting to the right market.


The adwords it setup on product mode and set on 0.15 CPC for all products (3,000+) on search network only - Product listing ads


Do we have to assign keywords for each product to make it relevant to what the customer is searching? At the moment if someone typed PC Speakers we would pop up. 


Costing us on average £45.00 per day even with Scheduled ads turned on 3 times per the 7 day week.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Adword and Conversions

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Hi Mehdi, welcome to the Community.  Have I understood correctly that you're only running Product Listing Ads (PLAs)?


If so, there's no option to use positive Keywords but you should consider using negative Keywords to filter some of the Ad impressions.  For example, you might want to use negatives such as reviewcomparerepair, etc - anything which might indicate someone is searching for a reason other than to buy.


I'd also strongly suggest that you get someone independent to look over your site.  AdWords can only deliver potential customers to your "door", what happens after that is entirely up to you and your site.  While you say you can't afford to pay an SEO company, if your site isn't ideal for converting those customers you really shouldn't be spending any money on advertising.  Often problems with a site can be very small and hard to spot by the owners so having an independent third party - anyone, a friend or relative even - simply try to buy something can be an eye-opener.


Are you tracking the site with Google Analytics?  If so, you should be able to analyse the path that your visitors take when they arrive on your site, how long they stay, how many pages they visit, how often they put products in their basket and at which point they bail out of the purchase process.  These sort of observations can be very telling, for example if your post and packing is too high or your payment options are limited, etc.


Lastly, it has to be said that you're in a hugely competitive market, attempting to go up against the likes of Amazon, eBay, Misco, PCWorld, and all the many, many other very well established companies that serve PC components online.  You really are going to have to offer something that makes you stand out from these big players I think.



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Re: Adword and Conversions

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Hi Jon, Good Evening.

Thank you for your prompt reply. You are correct, at the moment i am just running PLA's which at 5am every morning gets submitted through our online shop provider to google on the data feed.

I have gone through all the options such as negative keywords, even gone to the extreme of sitting in front of the computer and writing down what keywords people have typed in and how many times such a keyword has been repeated. I would then, as you have correctly suggested include the words such as review, compare etc and that has brought down costs slightly.

Out of curiosity, for a new company in this highly competitive market , what should we set out CPC too? I have found that 0.15 works just as well as me originally leaving it on 0.50 p, is this a correct average on the basis of 3,000+ products or is it simply impossible to tell?

You see the thing is, I've had friends, previous work colleagues look over the site and all the comments have been very positive, they are saying its a clean and easy to use site. The customers I've had so far have also complimented so i cannot see how to improve on that level.

Whilst i completely and without a doubt agree to your comment about standing out from the big players, it's fundamentally nearly impossible to do just that - the competitors offer all the services which we are and can be offering. We took on the approach of bringing out profit margin down quite dramatically to assist on the standing out practice.

Another frustrating thing is, on google shopping it shows we offer free delivery but the shipping settings clearly show our rates, this in turn entices the potential customer in but they then realize its not free and leave. How can i change this? It did in fact change once to how it should be then the next day changed back to showing free delivery.

Lastly, i have put a separate campaign for positive keywords such as "Computer supplier uk" and whilst some of them have a high bid cost, the ones that do not cost much, i match the bid to be eligible for first page search but still cannot see the company in the search....even after several pages - is this something i could improve on or even aim too?

Is there a general rule or standard practice for companies like my own when it comes to using Adwords? I understand this may have such a varied answer but it's always good to ask!

Thank you once again Jon.