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Dear Google,


Being as rusty as can be with Google advertising, I'm look for all the help I can get in the next couple of weeks to help promote my advertising shopping directory (that's under major reconstruction) called,, along with looking for as much detailed information on Google advertising to help promote my novel that's recently published called,
"A Killer of a Camp", which can be found at


The novel is targeting everyone above the 18+ age barrier, where there's sex scenes, cursing and violence, though don't get me wrong there is a lot of travel, adventure, romance and comedy all rolled up into the 256 that's of the Thriller/suspense genre, where within the next week when I replace this 9 year old computer I've got, I'm also going to have the first chapter read out to the members of the public, providing they've filled in the membership application, are over the age of 18 and agree to the terms and conditions, to which when becoming a member they can listen to the first chapter being read out to them prior to buying the novel.


Now regarding Non-Stop-Shop, which is under major reconstruction and consists of nearly 9,000 pages, I would like to know how I can promote the keywords and SEO's for each page of the website and companies advertising on the website.  As the companies joining Non-Stop-Shop already get the following: -


* £5 charge per each location per YEAR.

* £5 charge per each category per YEAR.

* A paragraph is placed under the locations website banner for FREE.

* The website address is placed under the website banner for FREE.

* The keywords are placed under the pages SEO for FREE.

* Their website gets registered with 66 internet search engines worldwide for FREE.

* There's no charges for Pay Per Clicks.

* There's no extra expenditure on marketing on the internet, newspapers or radio and television.


If you could give me some guidance on Googles keyword marketing I'd be very grateful, as I will definately be using that on my new computer as this one keeps crashing when I visit Googles website for some reason, but like I say it's 9 years old and had its days.


Kind regards


David J. Dougherty &

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Re: Advertising with Google

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Google Employee

Hi David, 


If you're getting started with AdWords a couple of key things to remember are to chose a tightly themed group of keywords that reflect what it is your business offers (2 or 3 word keyword phrases tend to work well) and write compelling ads that point out the unique aspects of your business and how you stnad out from your competitors.


If you have different aspects of your business you should break these different parts of your business down into different campaigns. If you were promoting different types of books for example, you could have a 'Mystery' campaign, 'Romance' campaign, 'Action' campaign etc. This great discussion on the Community here might also be able to give you some extra help on getting started.


In terms of SEO the Webmaster tools website could help you out a lot here, as it gives you lots of useful information on how to get your site in Google's search rankings. 


If anyone has any other advice here, please jump in!


Hope this helps!