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Advertising under competitor names

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Hi, we are a software company dealing in print management solutions and we've created a campaign to hopefully be found when companies search "competitor A alternatives" or "competitor B vs" etc. I just don't know when to put in "print management" related keywords into the same adgroup as "competitor A alternative" keywords.


Do I only put "competitor A" and "comparision" keywords in that ad group or include "print management" keywords in there too. And if so, do I put the same keywords in other adgroups for print mangement.


I am so confused!!!

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Re: Advertising under competitor names

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You should have separate ad groups for each. By doing so you will be able
to have specific ad copy to communicates to the audience.

For example - the message for competitors A may be different to competitor
B is your difference is price or turnaround time, or whatever the specific
reason of why someone should consider your business.

Print Management - requires a different value proposition that will need to
get cut through on its own merit.

By maintaining relevant ad copy you are likely to get better quality
traffic, higher CTR and be rewarded with higher quality scores and lowers

I would even go one step further and have your competitor adgroups in one
campaign & print management in another to control the budget between both

Re: Advertising under competitor names

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Thanks Jayson, I think I am going down that road correctly but it's nice to have it confirmed. So I don't need to include our main service of "print management" in the competitor adgroups? My current example is: competitor A, compeitor, competitor A print management, print management competitor A. When I get specific with 'competitor A alternative' Google tells me they are 'have low search volume'. I think they're relevant phrases but the sector we're in is very low traffic anyhow. Would you just up the bids on these to make them show as ads? Sorry to be a pain in the **bleep**—this is all completely new to me and I'm awaiting the light bulb moment when it will all make sense!!

Re: Advertising under competitor names

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Hell Seamus;
There are a number of strategies for that . (Not that the one is correct and the other is wrong.... Smiley Frustrated ).
In this case, I would go with Jayson's strategy of having the "competitors" in a separate ad-group. By that, you can have a customized /"tight" ad-copy for ads that are triggered by the competitor's name.


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