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Advertising SOS

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Is there any option to run a Display Campaign reaching people who searched  related keywords?


I mean, like a Retargeting campaign but only for people who made searches related to KW that I need to bid.


I am NOT talking about people who visited my site., but yes who made queries related my KW.





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Re: Advertising SOS

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Hi Isadora,

Judging by your requirements here, your best bet would be to give 'RLSA', 'SCM' - Search Companion Marketing and Affinity Audiences a try?

RLSA is basically Remarekting campaign on Search that helps you re-target your audience (who visited your website) with a better value proposition in your ads.

SCM is a display campaign that targets people who search for your targeted keywords and when they land on a website by clicking on a organic listing, your banner ad is displayed on the website. This website/placement needs to be part of Adsense program. This is a powerful tool that combines the aspects of Search & Display campaigns and lets you target people more efficiently.

And lastly, Affinity Audiences, this is more of the solution you were looking for. Affinity audiences are basically a set of audience who show interests and affinity towards themes that are similar to your product or service offerings.

You can read more about these topics here:



Affinity Audiences:

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Advertising SOS

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Hi Shashank,

My understanding was that SCM was sunset in favor of display select keywords? Here's more info:

I don't think there's a way to retarget keywords without clicks through AdWords anymore. It can be done through DSPs, I believe, but it would have to be through another platform.

Like Shashank said: Affinity Audiences and RLSA are good options - or even display remarketing.

Good luck!

Re: Advertising SOS

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Thanks Shashank for you answer.

From previous 3 option that you gave me I still dont undertand what to choose.

As an example: I want to target people on DISPLAY Network, who previously search on google "rent a car in Brazil".

So, in this cases Adwords should show my ads to people surfing on Display Network how previusly make a search related to "rent a car in Brasil".

So, the option do I have to use should give the the chance to add related keywords that I want to target.

Is this clear? I undertand what RLSA means, but in this case people dont visit my site yet.


Re: Advertising SOS

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Hi Isadora,

Unfortunately that type of targeting is not available through AdWords. You could use Display Select Keyword targeting, which is what replaced search retargeting. (Read more here: and here:

You could also use affinity audiences, which are people who appear to be in the market for a specific product, based upon their previous web history. Read more here:

Hope this helps!