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Ads not delivering when approved. Says low quality score, but they have accrued 0 impressions.

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A few weeks ago I started running a campaign and I got around 600 impressions on it and a few clicks. All of a sudden that started to die down and then my campaign just crashed and burned. So I thought I'd create a couple more campaigns with 4 keywords per ad group. I've used broad modifier and exact match specifically.


The only problem is it's been a week and none of these campaigns are delivering. The ads have been approved, but the campaigns are just sitting there. No impressions or anything. When I check the Ad preview tool for my keywords it says they're not triggering due to a low ad rank.


That's impossible though because I haven't received any impressions to even develop an Ad Rank. And I've also bid about $1 more on my keywords than Google's suggested in order to "break in" to the ad space.


Any tips to get my campaigns delivering? They're just sitting there collecting dust at the moment.

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Re: Ads not delivering when approved. Says low quality score, but they have accrued 0 impressions.

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Sorry to hear this - I've had similar issues myself and it's normally a new campaign.


Could you tell me about the Quality Score of the terms you're using? Maybe they started at 6/10, now a lot or even a little lower?


There's another post that I've linked to here that explains a little about low or zero impressions for campaigns.


Basically your bid is only half the battle, the rest is QS.


How do I fix this problem?

I typically add more keywords, ad variations, increase bids and run keyword diagnosis especially if it's a new campaign.


What can happen is that a new set of keywords go to the auction and have a "baseline" Quality Score against them, because obviously they're new and don't have a history of clickthroughs to work with. As time goes on, maybe they just don't get enough clicks so the ad rank goes down.


My advice

Pick a term, preferably phrase match, that you know gets search traffic and increase the bid by a lot - maybe even $5.


Run keyword diagnostics on it (Keyword tab in AdWords > Select the keyword > Details > Keyword Diagnosis) and if it says "Ad Showing", preview it and see what position you're in with that bid.


Re: Ads not delivering when approved. Says low quality score, but they have accrued 0 impressions.

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Hi Mac,

A few more suggestions are there:

1st let us know when you have created that new campaign. Now cross check if the account is not facing any billing or budget issue.

2nd is if account is not in the review as system undergoes periodic reviews of the account.

3rd, to know the better bid amount use the metrics: 1st page bid, top page bids from the columns sub-tab and try to bid more initially then these suggested bids. Even initially you can go with automatic bidding. 4th, use keyword planner to get more suggested keywords around your seed keywords.

5th, Use some ad extensions as they contribute to adrank.

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