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Ads bid appear nowhere

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Good Afternoon,

I have recently set up an ad campaign and paid monies into Google account (a big amount). Worked for 2 weeks on my site worked for many many hours and for 3 days on the ads and the campaign for many many hours. We bid as much as possible per click. Yet I am nowhere on any page. two of my ads appeared one day at the top and now it has disappeared again. I have now tried everything in the book and I have two webmasters helping. Both of them claim that everything seems to be in order. My phone hasn't rung once since my ads fell off pages. On one day 2 of my ads (out of the 15 ads) did appear, my phone rang a lot. I have paid a lot of money and have put in hours and hours and hours and I mean hours of work on my website and the ads and I am beyond disappointment that my ads are nowhere to be seen. We already bid the highest.

So please could you explain to me:  (a) is this normal that one can pay for the ads and then they appear nowhere (b) What else must i still do to get my ads on the first page and keep them there? (c) How is it is possible that I can bid the highest and then the ads are nowhere to be seen? (d) what is the purpose of having an ad campaign and bidding but I still do not appear anywhere? and (e) other than bidding the highest, plus making sure that my website is in order, plus keywords, what else must i do so that my ad campaign can work for me? I really am disappointed as I thought the bidding process is to get your ad on the first page at the top or near the top?  thank you regards nanika

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Re: Ads bid appear nowhere

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Hi Nanika, sorry to hear you've had problems with your Account.

First of all, I'd like to make one thing very clear, if you've been charged for clicks, those charges can only relate to times when your Ads have been shown, so if you're seeing charges and click data, that is evidence itself that your Ads are being shown.


How are you checking that your Ads are showing?  If you're doing this by running your own searches, please bear in mind that what you see may not be what everyone else sees.  Google can adjust the ads shown to individual users and if you search frequently on the same terms and don't click the Ads you see, Google may stop showing that Ad to you.  There are other reasons why you may not see your Ad when you search, but that doesn't mean the Ad isn't showing.


IF your Ads aren't showing - and you are seeing no click or impression data in AdWords - it may be your Quality Score is too low.  AdWords will only show Ads that meet certain criteria for quality so if your Quality Score is low, your Ad may not show, even if you appear to be the only advertiser.


You should also check that all your Ads are Approved, and that there are no other restrictions on your Account such as billing or conflicting or too precise targeting settings.


If you could, the first thing I'd ask is you confirm whether you are seeing impression/click figures in the AdWords interface.


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Re: Ads bid appear nowhere

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Hi Nanika,

Your advert's rank on the search results is known as your 'Ad Rank' and is calculated as (Max CPC x Quality Score = Ad Rank)

If you've set the highest bid in the auction and your adverts are falling in average position then it sounds very much like your quality scores are dropping and perhaps you haven't configured everything in your account?

There's a number of things to take into account to improve your keyword quality scores and account performance. Here's a short checklist of things from the top of my head that I can think of to get you started (If you haven't done these things already..!).

1.) Make sure your account is deeply categorised and each ad group contain adverts that closely match the keywords they're grouped with. Try and create a theme and structure - If you were to categorise Clothing, you might create a campaign for Trousers and have the ad groups : Red Trousers, Black Trousers, Navy Blue Trousers, rather than having a campaign for Clothing and having the ad groups: Trousers, Jumpers, T-Shirts - The deeper you can go with the categorisation of ad groups, the better - Users will see adverts that are more relevant to their search terms and this increases Click-Through-Rates, which will increase your keyword Quality Scores - Try to follow the structure of your website when categorising your account.

2.) Make sure you are using a variety of landing pages - If you've categorised your account well, make sure that you aren't sending all that traffic from all the different ad groups to the same landing page.

3.) Make sure keywords are closely matched to the adverts text and very similar to other keywords they are grouped with.

4.) Ensure you've used clear call to actions, punctuation such as ! ? £ $ without breaching editorial standards policy and written Most Text in Title Case - Usually Best Practice for writing adverts.

5.) Have you configured your Ad Extensions? Call Extensions, Location Extensions, Sitelinks, Review Extensions and any other Annotations you can get to automatically display for your domain such as seller reviews from / trustpilot etc will ensure your adverts are more enticing for users to click on and can increase conversions/reduce navigation paths and, of course, will increase your Click-Through-Rates - Which increase your keyword Quality Scores!

6.) Have you thought about geo-targeing and setting bid adjustments for specific locations? You may want to be more aggressive with your bidding in certain areas to rank higher locally or in your service areas.

I hope that is of some help to you.

Good Luck & Message me back if you want some assistance with anything or you have any questions.

All the best,

Re: Ads bid appear nowhere

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Good response Jon!

Just to add to what Jon has said above Nanika, if you are checking your adverts on the live search results, you should use this tool to give you an accurate preview - You can also adjust your location settings etc. to view your adverts as user's would from different locations.

All the best,