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Ads are not showing

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Hi, maybe a pretty basic question but I hope someone can shed a light on this. I set up a new campaign 3 days ago called Kam Schools including a keyword +kam +schools (kam being the Brand). I also added the keyword school as a negative keyword in the Brand campaign because one of the keywords in the Brand campaign is +kam and wanted to prevent brand ads showing for the +kam +school keyword.  There is no traffic at all to date. When ran an ad preview and diagnosis on that keyword +kam +school the ads didnt show and given explanation was that ad is not showing for the +kam (Brand > General) keyword because of negative keyword school. How is it possible that if I added negative keyword school in the Brand campaign, the ads still wanted to show for the brand keyword +kam? It may be a bit confusing so please ask questions.


Thanks a lot!

Re: Ads are not showing

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Are you getting impressions?

Do you have two campaigns or two ad groups?

One Branded - One Not branded

When you add a negative keyword in a campaign it effects the whole campaign, When you add a negative keyword into a Ad group it only effect the ad group.

Your message is a bit confusing because you are not truly distinguishing ad groups/ campaigns etc. when you are describing your situation


Campaign 1
Negative keywords

Campaign 2
Negative keywords

Make sure you have different Bids for these terms so they are not all fighting against each other. +Kam would also pull in queries for +kam +school as well, so our keywords are fighting against each other and the one with the Better Ad Rank or QS and would win the slot.

Please give us a better understanding of what is in what campaign.

But it sounds to me like the ad preview is telling us two things, the Keyword that is winning the Ad rank because of better QS is also not displaying because of the Negative.

So adjust bids, or remove the conflicts of keywords. +kam is extremely broad.

Help us help you with a more structured understand of what is what and please separate with paragraphs for readability had to keep track of all the KAMS that way

This sounds like the Ad preview for +kam +school doesn't have the AD RANK ( meaning not enough bid QS etc) so that the system would Display +KAM instead, However because

Re: Ads are not showing

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Hi Eric,

thank you for your reply. I'm sorry I didn't express myself clearly enough,
I have 2 campaigns.

This is how the account looks:

*Brand *campaign: Generic ad group: +kam keyword
Negative keyword: school
Bid: $3

*Kam School* campaign: Kam School ad group: +kam +school keyword
Negatives: keywords from brand campaign on exact match

I have to have the campaign Kam School set separately 1) it is a slightly
different project than company normally do - normally, company sells
various products to individuals only, this is a project focused on 1
specific product and for Schools only 2) Kam School campaign has restricted
location settings 3) Ads are School specific - targeted to the schools
rather than individuals.

The Kam School campaign received only 12 impressions and only for the
generic keywords such as +product +schools. As soon as the brand keyword is
involved like in the +kam +schools example, the ads won't show.

So with the account set this way, I ran an ad preview for the +kam +school
to which I was given an explanation that ads don't show for the keyword
+kam Brand - Generic (NOTE - not for the keyword I was diagnosing i.e. +kam
+school) because of negative keyword school.

I didn't want ads from Brand campaign showing for the +kam +school hence
setting the school keyword as negative in the Brand campaign.

Hope it is a bit clearer. Let me know if you need any more info.

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Re: Ads are not showing

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Kamila V,


Thanks for a better formatted question.


Could you please provide a screen shot of the ad preview for +kam +school in the Kam School Campaign

(use the full text editor, it will allow you to up load and image)


What is the QS of +Kam +School  (In Kam School Campaign)

What is the QS of +kam ( in brand campaign)


Also the respective rating for: ( above average, ave, below average)
expected click through rate
ad relevance
Landing page experience




Basically, for every query only one keyword and ad will win the bid auction.  The ad preview tool attempts to show you which Keyword in which campagin/ad group and geo-targeted location will win that bid and have the ad show.


Potential Conflict 1

From the Ad preview

When you have different geo targeted campaigns, make sure you Include the Targeting area that is representative of the campaign in question in the Location Box section, because sometimes by default your IP location is chosen, instead of the Target Area Location.  This could result in taking the your current location into account which could be restricted by campaign settings, thus if your area is excluded, then you would not see a Live Preview.



I am in the USA in the state of Virginia, but I run a campaign for a California based location. If I don't change the box to "target" the California area, the live preview will not show my ad because of the geo targeted restrictions.



Potential Conflict 2

. You have set everything up correctly as it appears and the proper use of the Negative Terms in what you described.  The Live preview tool shows you an example of Which Keyword Terms based upon AD RANK will win the auction.


However the system is telling you that the Ad Rank for the Generic +KAM in the Brand Campaign would win the auction for the Keyword query of +Kam  +School, but is not showing that  Ad as the winner, because of the Negative.  Which is exactly the message you are seeing.


In this scenario, the system is telling us that +kam has the best CTR, the Best QS and would win almost every auction with the word +kam.


My take on this is the Ad Preview Tool is a bit "wonky" because your set up is correct based upon what you showed. Your Bids are significantly different to force the  +Kam +School to be show,


As a TEST- Please up the Bid Up  ( ad another $5-10  to the  the +kam +school  keyword Wait about 5 minutes or so, then do the Ad preview again and make sure the Location BOX is correct for the target area. and see what comes up.