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Ads appearing but landing page not loading when clicked

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Hi Guys


Have a weird problem that I haven't come across before.


When searching for our brand, our brand ad appears but when you click on the ad, the actual landing page doesn't load? The URL is correct but you get a blank page.

If you refresh the page, then the landing page loads.


Any ideas? Help is appreciated.



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Re: Ads appearing but landing page not loading when clicked

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Hi Eleanor,

I am not great with the HTML and CSS side of things, so perhaps someone else will be able to tell you exactly what it is going on better than I can.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it sounds like your website is reacting to the GCLID that is added through auto tagging. Perhaps it is not recognising it and not loading because of this. Have you tried loading that page normally with a test GCLID appended on? try use ?gclid=TeSt-123 (if you already have a "?" with parameters then append it with a '&' instead).

This at least will tell you if that is the problem.

Other issues that come to mind is maybe it is just the computer/browser you are currently using? Have you tried in incognito mode and/or on different PC's/browsers? is this problem persistent across them all?

Let me know if this was helpful at all.

Re: Ads appearing but landing page not loading when clicked

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Besides what Clynton suggested, I would like to tell you that this issue is about your website/web-server. If AdWords is making the ads land on the right page, the problem must be with your website. 


Do follow the suggestions above and connect with your website developer to dig into the issue. Alternatively, if you can share your website URL here, I can try having a look. 



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Re: Ads appearing but landing page not loading when clicked

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Hi Clynton M & Ratan-Jha

Thanks for the responses.

To answer your questions, I have tested the scenario across Chrome (incl. in cognito), Firefox & IE and the same issue occurs.
I took your advice and appended the test GCLID to the URL and the page loaded normally.
It seems like the issue only occurs when clicking through an ad. Also, once you have refreshed and the page loads normally, the page will load as it should if you click through from another ad?!

I will be logging an issue with our WD but please send through any other suggestions you may have.