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Ads appear when im logged in and disappear when I log out.

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I'll explain..

 I'll login with my gmail account. I will check my adwords all is good and enabled. I'll do a keyword search and viola.. my ads appear, Awesome!

I will then logout of my account do the same keyword search and no results from my ad. Location services are on so I know I'm targeting the right area.





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Re: Ads appear when im logged in and disappear when I log out.

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Hi Luis,


The best way to check if your ads are showing is to use the AdWords interface (check if the ad is getting impressions) and the Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool. Searching for your own ad on Google will give you inaccurate results, since the algorithm uses more than just your search query and your location to show you ads. In short, this is expected behavior for your ads.


If you're concerned your ad may not be showing to people in your targeted location, you can also check your Location Report.


I hope this helps to clear this up a bit!


Re: Ads appear when im logged in and disappear when I log out.

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Hey Luis, how are things?

If you see your ads when logged, it's not a matter of targeting, but a matter of Google knowing your preferences.

From previous searches you did, Google probably put together that you as that logged user is into that search, thus the ad showing. When logged out, Google doesn't know you, so it may choose not to show ads to avoid mislead investment and show ads to more "qualified" users.

Google will always try to deliver your ad to the most relevant user. An exemple is the case when you make multiple refreshes on the page, when you start to see your ad and at some point on the refreshes the ad doesn't show at all. Well, from Google perspective, if someone is receiving the ad so much and not clicking it, that ad is not relevant.

Your ad impressions will depend on the delivery method set on the campaign settings. If you wish to show your ad to absolutely every search where you're approved and qualify on the auction, and as long as you have money, you should use Accelerated Delivery instead of the standard one (where google will try to show your ad the whole day). This post might help:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click