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Adding negative keyword that ends with a certain word

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I'm going through my Search terms report for certain keywords, and I want to add a negative keyword that ends with a certain word. Example: any search phrase the ends with "machine" is filter out. 'machine' is just an example keyword.


Adding  "machine" as a phrase will just eliminate any search phrase with machine in it (i.e. the machine tool, machine system, etc), which is not what I want.


The negative keyword should filter out something like:

big red machine

the machine

looking for machine


It should not filter out:

machine stuff

looking for machine prices

the machine time


Is there a way to set this up?



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Re: Adding negative keyword that ends with a certain word

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

I don't think so.

As you stated and know, If you only use one word as a negative, in Broad or Phrase version it will stop all instances of that word.

In order to come close to what you want you will need to expand to at least two words as a phrase match

From your example:
negative would be:

"red machine"
"for machine"

When I create negative from the search terms report I always look to see if there is a word from the entire phrase that was used that would be appropriate to block as a negative broad match. Then if not, what can be singled out as a two word "Phrase match" to be used as a negative.

More about negative keywords and match types

Re: Adding negative keyword that ends with a certain word

Rising Star
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Rising Star

I'd suggest weeding out irrelevant terms manually, as the word machine is relevant but only in some instances. Instead of negating searches ending with the word machine, negating the prefix (which isn't relevant) would be appropriate.


For example:


big red machine: -big

the machine: -[the machine]

looking for machine: -[looking for machine]


Additionally, I'd also suggest using match types to refine your traffic.



Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Adding negative keyword that ends with a certain word

Top Contributor
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Top Contributor

Hi JJ,


Only other way to do this (which I won't recommend) would be adding phrase match and exact match keyword as positive keyword. These positive keywords should not be end with machine. Because I can imagine that very less times you will get queries like looking for machine price machines if you add positive keywords "looking for machine price" OR the machine time machine if you add positive keywords "the machine time". With this workaround chances of losing potential searches is high. Apart from this may be u can have some BMM adgroup for new keyword suggestions and in this adgroup you have negative keywords as suggested above.


Maybe you can tell us what exactly you want to achieve by not wanting keywords that ends with machine?


This workaround I suggested because you wanted BUT honestly I would do as it is suggested by @Eric Gehler & @Sumanth Sridhar!!




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