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Adding a negative site

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What if i have listed all my content campaigns in shared library, and add negative placement for all the content campaign:


Second case i have a managed placement campaign also listed in shared library.


Now The question is: If i will add this placement in managed placement campaign and bid for this site( will there be any impressions for this placement??

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September 2015

Re: Adding a negative site

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Hi Nidhi,

I am bit unsure if I understood your question. When you add any list of negative keywords or sites. you need to select campaigns to apply list. List will be applicable to all campaigns that you will select there. In your case list will be added to all content campaigns including manage and automatic. As we do not need to add negative site under manage placement I suggest you to remove manage placement campaign from shared library.

So if you have some placement like as in your example in manage placement campaign as well as in same site is assigned as negative to this campaign, it won't show up impressions.

Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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Re: Adding a negative site

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Thanks Neha, your interpretation was right.