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Add not running

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I have 1 Campaign with 1 ad that have 1 keyword. There is nothing else in my account. The ad is approved or eligible as Google call it. When I hover over the speak bubble in front of Eligible then a popup comes up telling me that; 


Your ad isn't being shown for this keyword because there may be other ads within your account that are ranked higher and have similar keywords.


Anyone who know how to go about this?

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Re: Add not running

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Hi Allan,

If your account/campaign is very new, you can see some odd messaging in there. If you've set up your bids and budget as you wish, I would give it some time to get rolling. I've seen impressions show up from immediately to a number of hours after an account set up.

Eligible doesn't mean approved. This is often the initial label applied to ads that will run in a limited manner until a full review has been performed.

You can read more about eligible here:

Hope this helps!

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Add not running

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Hello Allan

Its generally come when your campaign is new say you need to wait 24 hours after that your ad will approve.

Also as per expert suggestion yes when your ads are in eligible state that means team didn't review it once it will review you can see approved and then this message will disappear.

Good Luck!