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#AdWordsTC: Which KPIS can't be missed in your PPC reports for clients/companies?Are they different?

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Hey there,

Mai Molina here, Spanish Top Contributor.

The other day I asked all international #AdwordsTC their opinion about a topic using the previous hashtag.


This was the question and the experts’ answers:

Which KPIS can't be missed in your PPC reports for clients/companies? Are they different?



Volumen= Impressions, Views, Clicks, Calls, Forms

Value= Cost, CPC, CPA, ROI

Quality= CTR, Position


@shaneekirk gotta have conversions, costs and cpa. For us ROI is the most important.


@Jrsanfeliu in my case I report to client. Classic performance metrics like Clicks,  Imp, CTR, Av CPC, Cost, Conv, CR, CPA, CPLq Qualify Lead


@krlitosSEM Each of them are different. They change every time because they answer goals/necessities of the moment.


@an3navarro no more than 5 - 6, depends on the client’s goal. Generally I’ll say: cost,,cpc,QS (anybody???), CTR, conversions + CPA


@MaiMolina_ QS for client or your boss? Why yes or why not? Smiley Happy


@an3navarro to both of them. To show transparency, is a good KPI that explains a lot of things:
» Websites with poor SEO that affects PPC

» Expensive strategies (sometimes imposed) to buy keywords that are not allowed to be shown in the ad

» To show the PPC manager’s good job that demonstrate to the client that the goal is to achieve the lower CPC possible.  Smiley Happy


@jrosell at least ROAS and ROI if it can be. And gross margin.


@remora ¿conversions?. Hahaha. It’s clear that depends on the client. the KPIS should be personalized.  


  1. cpc, CPA, CTR, % Conv. Bonus: % Lost impression share (budget) to make pressure can’t be ignored! XD


@FelixMRos clicks, impressions, CRT, conv. rate, conversions, cpa, av cpc., cost, conversion value and ROAS are indispensable for me.


@akostik_t I agree with @FelixMRos those would be the focus. I usually report ROI instead of ROAS


@esanchez43 ROAS, ROI, CTR, %Lost impression (ranking) and (budget), Av CPC, Impressions, clicks, cost, av. position %conv. CPA

What do you usually report? Do you miss any other KPIs metrics or does any of these drawn your attention?

Would you report QS to a client too?


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If you want to know what do the AdWords Experts think about different topics use the hashtag #AdWordsTC!



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#AdWordsTC: Which KPIS can't be missed in your PPC reports for clients/companies?Are they different?

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Thanks for sharing, Mai!