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AdWords ads disapproved because of inaccurate display URL. Need help.

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I have been trying to advertise the following website:




Website hosted on

Domain bought through godaddy

Domain appears to be 'master' domain in the wix domain settings i.e the final destination is


I have other domains that link TO  but this domain does not link to any other domains.  It only goes to my wix website. 


I have tried importing the domain to wix but because it is a it will not accept it.  


If I 'disconnect' all websites my wix domain is -



Is it possible the godaddy domain is linking to the wix address and then 'masking' it in the browser?


When is connected to the site, the other link still works -


There is an option on WIX to 'transfer domain to wix' but it wont allow the transfer of


I have now bought another domain through WIX ( and going to see if that solves the problem.



I have been getting disapproved for the following reasons:


Inaccurate Display URL: To help make sure that our ads are relevant, useful and easy to interact with, ads need to accurately show what website they'll take people to. Your Display URL needs to accurately reflect the URL of your website and be a viable web address that is part of your ad's destination domain. Check your spelling and symbols for accuracy, and make sure that your Display URL does not contain an extraneous 'http://' or 'https://'. If you have entered a final URL for your ad, the domain of your Display URL needs to reflect the final URL that you have specified. <a href="" target="_blank">See the policy</a>

Tracking template does not redirect through a final URL: Tracking templates need to redirect to the corresponding final URL that you set for your ad. Please adjust your redirects appropriately for tracking template {FILLIN tracking template}. See the policy at




Can anyone help me by looking into where I am going wrong?

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March 2016

Re: AdWords ads disapproved because of inaccurate display URL. Need help.

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Hi Martin,

There's something wrong with the dns setup. When I go to I get a 404 error from

Here's what I get from nslookup:


Non-authoritative answer:

The name and addresses are from the nameserver queried. The aliases, at least one of the, needs to point to your web site on Wix. I have no idea how to fix this. An alternative would be to send traffic to ans show as the display URL.

Best of Luck!

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