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AdWords Destination URL Upgrade + AutoTagging

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I'm a little lost with the Final URL and Destination URL upgrading in regards to the auto tagging feature.


I take it the auto tagging will not work with the Final URL option?


If that's the case, I need to create manual tags using the ValueTrack parameter and UTMs, right?


Going forward, I also am not clear about which form of tagging I should use. On the campaign level I hear the tracking template is the best way to go but not sure how to use it.


From what I understand, these are the steps:


1. Final URL should be your landing page- i.e.

2. tracking template URL should start with: {lpurl}? (followed by tracking parameters)


Any help in either confirming or suggesting a more appropriate way would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: AdWords Destination URL Upgrade + AutoTagging

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Hi Angela,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


Auto Tagging and Upgraded URLs

If you are using Auto Tagging at the moment and are happy with the tracking data it gives you, there's no need to go for advanced upgrade. A simple upgrade from Destination URL to Final URL without any Tracking Template will do your work. Even if you don't do the manual upgraded, AdWords will take care of it on the day when Destination URL will be retiring finally. 


Auto Tagging + Upgraded URLs + Manual Tagging

There's no point using both, auto and manual tagging, at the same time. I don't recommend this. As at some point of time it creates conflicts. 


Upgraded URLs + Manual Tagging

When you are not satisfied with what Auto Tagging fetches for you, use Upgraded URLs with Manual Tagging.  The structure would be -


Final URL -

Tracking Template : {lpurl}?yourtrakcing


In this tracking template, you can use GA UTM parameters, ValueTrack, and Custom Parameters. Actually, any combination of these three. 


Shared Tracking Template

When the same tracking template is used at different levels in the account, it is called shared tracking template. For instance, if you use a shared tracking template at account level, all your ads in the account, will use the same tracking. You can also use it at campaigns/adgroups levels. 


But make sure you are using Final URLs in your Ads in place of Destination URLs. You tracking template at the ad level would be empty in the above scenario. 


How to use Shared Tracking Templates?

  • For account level, go to Shared Library > URL Options
  • For campaign level, go to Campaign Settings > All Settings  and scroll to the bottom till you find Campaign URL Options
  • For Ad Group level, you can set it up at the time of creating ad group. Or, click campaign name > go to Ad Groups Tab. Now, go to Columns > Modify Columns, and add Tracking Template Column, hit save. Now add your tracking template from the tracking template column you just enabled. 


Hope it help!


Ratan Jha



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Re: AdWords Destination URL Upgrade + AutoTagging

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Thank you so much Ratan!

Re: AdWords Destination URL Upgrade + AutoTagging

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Ratan-Jha hi

I have the following problem. After July the first I can't see sessions data from Adwords search campaigns.

We use DoubleClick and I have Tracking Template and custom parameters at keywords level. Auto tagging is on. Is it correct and how to fix it? Thank you!