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AdWords Costs

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My ad is showing on exact and other related keywords if click via other keywords then what charges apply?  Means  the bidding of actual keywords or searched keyword?

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Re: AdWords Costs

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Hi there,

AdWords shows search ads based on search terms that match keywords in your account. Cost per click, would depend on the bid amount applicable for the keyword that matched (exact or broad) a user's search term.

- Sumanth
Sumanth Sridhar

Re: AdWords Costs

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

In your campaigns and ad groups you chose your keywords in which you want your ads to display, You assign a bid value in which the max amount in which you are willing to pay for that click. ( unless you use enhanced CPC- or Bid Modifiers- or a CPA bidding method - in which the Bid price can be higher.)

The Adwords system chooses which keyword term with the most relevance will appear, based on the Ad Rank, Quality Score, and Bid Price for each given search query.

Your charge for that click will be no more then the Bid for the keyword term that was chosen by the system as most relevant.

So in effect regardless of the "search term" if you have an active keyword that matches the search query, that keyword will trigger your ads from that ad group if the Ad rank, Quality Score, and Bid prices are high enough to win the auction for that term in order to display your ad.

Hope that clears if up for you.