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AdWords - Budget Planning

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Hi Everyone,


I have a question, which is as follows:


One of my friends has a marketing agency and wants to Market Online using Google AdWords

His Objective is to generate leads ( people opting for free consultation by submiting their names+business details+e-mail ids will be considered as a conversion).  

How should he plan his advertising budget?




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September 2015

Re: AdWords - Budget Planning

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Hi Ankit,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


What you can simply do is create a stand alone landing page, i.e., just one webpage, which will have this form. You can get all the leads from this form. You can also choose to use a website form, if you have any.


To decide your budget, you can follow a very simple procedure:

  1. Determine your target audience - select the location and language you want to target
  2. Go on Google AdWords Keyword Tool and enter your website and related words
  3. Google will give you keyword suggestions with their CPCs
  4. Decide the keywords you would like to target. Assume a CTR say 1% and calculate monthly clicks (monthly searches x CTR)
  5. Based on the CPCs and the clicks you can calculate the budget.

Hope this helps.

- Neeti Ghildiyal
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Re: AdWords - Budget Planning

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Thanks Neeti...


Any more suggestions ?