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AdWords AD or No AdWords AD when I am 1st in organic search

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Not sure under what topic I should have posted it, so I posted it here. Hope its ok. 

I was wondering would it be resonable to use adwords also with keywords what are on the first position in organic search. It would save some money, but also I would lose some clicks (and therefore some potential clients). I mean people can choose adwords ad over organic search (even if I am on the first position), right? 

Maybe someone has any suggestions or has dealt with it and learned a lesson? Smiley Happy 


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Re: AdWords AD or No AdWords AD when I am 1st in organic search

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There is no direct relation between how a user would interact with Google ad in comparison to how the behavior will be on organic search results using the same keyword. That's my opinion.


It's better to first look at your Google Analytics reporting and see if your organic results have fetched some leads/sales for you, for which you want to bid on Adwords as well. It's actually a good idea to bid on those terms but before that, you need to analyze how those terms have behaved organically using Google Analytics. 


You can identify those terms from Google Analytics and then use the Adwords tools like Traffic estimator and keyword tool to see how strong those are in terms of paid advertising.


Just few of my thoughts!


Re: AdWords AD or No AdWords AD when I am 1st in organic search

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Hi Hallop, 


That's a really good question. One thing that we find is that having your name appear in both the Organic listings and the AdWords listings reinforces brand awareness of your company and products. 


And you are right, in this instance your customers would get to choose whether they clicked on your Organic or AdWords listing. 


Whether or not it is worth it to you to reinforce your brand awareness in this way vs. the cost of running your AdWords ads is a decision that will depend on your business and advertising budget.


Does anyone else from the Community have some thoughts here? It's an interesting question!



Re: AdWords AD or No AdWords AD when I am 1st in organic search

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A classic question.


It´s most easy to find out if its a high search volume keyword that gains not only many visitors but also many transactions per month. In that case you can run a test (your ad at the top one week, not the other week, kind of) and measure the difference in terms of net profits.

Anyway, to make a calculation of beforehand (just to get an idea about it) you could do something like this (I  am just kind of making up the figures here): 


Searches per month 1 000

CTR Organic no ad: 25%

CTR Organic with ad: 20% (30%??)
CTR ad: 10%

Total CTR without ad: 
Total visitors without ad:

Total CTR with ad
Total visitors with ad: 

Conversion rate:

Conversion rate*visits-ad costs = profit


From this you´ll get 3 scenarios (if you use two different figures for CTR organic with ad)

Which one would give you higher net earnings?

Re: AdWords AD or No AdWords AD when I am 1st in organic search

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Hi Hallop,


David gave you a detailed method of analysing response, that's great. Keep in mind, the period overwhich you test must be long enough to produce significant results, and that's probably at least 1000 AdWords impressions.


Some people do advertise with their top organic keywords, some people do not. I do. My view is that each will reinforce the other. People behave differently in terms of whether they click the organic or the paid. To some people, the organic will be more appealing because Google "found" the result for them. To these people, the paid ads represent scammers. Other people will click the paid ad because it appears to be more legitimate than the organic listing. It's a matter of perception on the part of the user.


Another way to look at it is this, do you really not want your ads to show for your top keywords when your competitors ads will show?


Pankaj also has sound advice for you--check your organic history for keywords that lead to a sale, not just a visit. Then make your decision.


And do let us know how it turns out!


Best of Luck!




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