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AdWord for Beginners

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So I am planning on using AdWord to advertise some of the products of my start up company, the thing is, I don't want to register just yet without learning how AdWord works, how often will my ads show up to ads around google and the websites that their ads can reach, is it randomized or do I have to pay to have my ads be posted in their websites? Is my ads only appear in the search engine if I dont bid for auctions? or is it really mandatory to bid for my ads to show up?

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AdWord for Beginners

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Hi David,


With AdWords you don't pay for your ads to appear, but you do pay every time someone clicks on one of your ads.


With Search, you choose the keywords you want your ad to appear for. When someone searches for those keywords, as long as you have bid high enough, your ad will appear above or below the organic results. The more you bid, the higher up in the results your ad will be, and the more you will pay. It is an auction.


With Display, you can choose which websites your ads appear on. Or you can choose categories of sites and Google will decide which sites your ads appear on. It is also an auction. 


Nothing is randomised. You can have as much control as you wish, or you can give Google lots of room to work its automated magic.


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Re: AdWord for Beginners

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Hi David,


AdWords is a pay per click advertising system that works as a auction.


Basically, you create ads that point to a website or app and place bids to get your ads placed in the live search. Everything requires actions on your part. The great news is that everything is very precise in the way you control things and target your ads to your audience. No other advertising can do this better.


You do not pay for impressions (people to see your ads) as you only pay when someone clicks. The kicker is that the more your ads are shown and not clicked, your quality score will go down, which will lead to higher costs and less action. Your budget will determine reach, and the quality of your website, ads and targeting will determine performance... with reach and performance combining to determine the overall outcome of your campaigns. You can spend a lot or a little. Start it, pause it... go fast or go slow... it is totally up to you. 


You will need to fully understand AdWords to make best use of your time and money... so it is great that you are here asking questions. 


You should start with some solid resources:



Spend some time and then let us know what you think and more of your thoughts. 


All the Best,



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