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Ad words Key word tool - Key words in other languages

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If I want to know how many searches a keyword gets in say France, if I input keywords in English and set the language to French will the tool automatically translate and give me search volumes for that phrase in French?


For example, if I wanted to know how many searches 'dog training' got in France, if I put 'dog training' into the key word tool, set my country to France and language to French, would automatically it tell me how many searches 'formation de chien' gets? 

Re: Ad words Key word tool - Key words in other languages

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Hello Search ! Welcome to the Community !


Use the keyword planner instead of the keyword tool, because soon the keyword tool will be discontinued.


No it will not auto-translate. You have to do a proper translation yourself , for example "formation de chien" is not the correct translation, but "dressage chien" is , like in this picture bellow . The reason for non translating is flexibility, you would want to know how many times an english expression is searched in france, and if the translation is done, you will not know that, you will end up knowing only how many times french words are searched. The prices in the pictures are in my currency.